Is a Beach Wedding Cake Topper For You?

A beach wedding cake topper is the perfect item for any wedding cake at any beach or ocean themed weddings. What a very romantic and sweet way to get married as you hear the sound of waves crashing off the coastline somewhere over in the background. This kind of decoration is often one of the main reasons why so many brides and grooms choose to express their love for one another with decorations that are connected with the ocean, the sand, the sea and the beach. There are so many options available, we hope we can help you find the perfect one for you and your new spouse.

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers Are Very Popular

These kinds of wedding cake toppers can also be presented in various forms. Are you looking for a fun and casual theme or one that is more serious and elegant in nature? Beachy cake toppers no longer have to have figurines dressed in conch shells, hula skirts and covered in loads of flowery lei necklaces while wearing flip flops. In fact, you don't even have to use figurines on your cake topper to evoke vivid images of the waves, sand, ocean and beach if you don't want to. How about a cool message in a bottle sitting atop your wedding cake filled with a personalized message and surrounded by shells, ocean glass, etc?

Why not add a surf like touch to your own wedding? You could use a heart or some other shape such as seashells or a sand dollar decorated with items commonly found on the beach. What a fun touch this could be. How about colorful surf boards? Seashell toppers - such as a starfish - also make a great choice to use when decorating your wedding cake for a beach themed ceremony. Other beach wedding cake toppers that you could choose include items like an oyster shell, complete with a lovely pearl, or maybe several pieces of sea glass surrounded by crushed cookie sand. Or how about a nice acrylic cake topper with a beachy message surrounded by small beach toys, chairs, etc?

Acrylic wedding cake toppers can display many different artistic designs. If you are having any kind of beach related wedding ceremony, you can often choose marine related art and have personalized items to be etched into the actual acrylic itself. Many of the most popular designs are of palm trees, surf boards, ocean life and seashells of various shapes, sizes and colors. But you can also find cool custom figures that you can create just for you and your sweetheart - how about a figurine of a custom scuba diver bobblehead?

If you wanted to, you could also order a custom made unique wedding cake topper that would be the perfect thing for your own beach wedding cake topper. These kinds of cake toppers often have a large seashell shaped base and out from that base come items like starfish, more shells, sea glass or tiny pearls which are glued into place to beautifully decorate the base. Or how about a custom bobblehead cake topper of your husband sunbathing on the beach, LOL?

Of course, nothing says romance like a statue of a bride and groom with the ocean waves lapping at their feet. If you have a really creative cake decorator they can even create beautiful little icing seashells for you to amp up the flair of your beach themed topper as it sits atop your wedding cake. If you prefer 2 grooms at the beach for your cake topper, this is also a very popular beach themed cake topper choice. Whether you know it or not, the sand dollar is also a popular choice. Legend has it that found inside the sand dollar when it's broken, are beautiful miniature doves - and doves are a true symbol of love. 

Another super popular and very special wedding cake topper are the ones designed with a beach theme in mind including a couple standing or sitting on the sandy beach with the words "Mr & Mrs" "true love" or "just married" written in the sand just off to the side of their toes and surrounded by seashells or sea glass. In some cases this message in the sand can also be personalized using the couple's unique names and wedding date. Or how about a cute love banner for the couple at the beach on top of the cake?

Are you a mermaid bride? These mermaid themed toppers are also popular choices for a wedding cake topper. Other very popular choices are dolphins or killer whales entwined within the couples initial. There are even pirate themed wedding cake toppers if that's your thing! How about a wonderful little message in a bottle cake topper that you could also gift to some guests later? You could easily add a few other things to it to make a wonderful beach scene. Beautiful cake toppers with the ocean, lake or beach theme in mind can be purchased or created for you using your specific wedding colors, too. 

So, now you know just a few more of the many beach wedding cake topper choices that are available to you for your beach wedding. You can choose a multicolored finish or have an all white mono-tone look with shells, sea creatures or starfish and add gorgeous beach glass to your topper for a unique and one of a kind touch. As you plan your wedding we hope you have fun looking at all the options here available to crown your own beach wedding cake but be aware that there are many more too. And if you need other options feel free to look through the pages of this website for more fabulous wedding cake toppers and decor.

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