A Bride and Groom Wedding Cake
Topper is a Popular Choice

The Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper has been popular for about 100 years or so now. At least, that is what I have always been taught. Legend has it that many years ago a baker who was making a wedding cake for his daughter racked his brain for days for ideas to decorate the top of her cake. Then one day he became so desperate for something to fill the empty space that he finally made 2 tiny figurines, 1 for this daughter, the bride and 1 for the groom, and set them atop her cake. Later on when his daughter finally saw the figurines she immediately fell in love with them and so started the tradition of putting tiny male and female figurines on wedding cakes. 

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Best Day Ever, Wedding Cake Topper

The figurines representing a bride and groom have been popular atop wedding cakes ever since then. In the beginning the first productions of this traditional bride and groom wedding cake topper was limited to the most basic items concerning the hair and eye color of the models as well as the clothing choices they were wearing. Today's figurines, thankfully, have no limits and come in many styles, types, shapes, materials and colors. 

What Kind of Bride and Groom
Wedding Cake Topper Do You Want?

Now you can find groom figurines dressed in suits of all colors and styles - morning suits or traditional tuxedos or even shorts and tee shirts. You can buy groom figurines now that come with different colored cummerbunds or cake toppers with no cummerbund at all. There are also more traditional groom cake topper figurines available with or without a vest and ones with long tie or bowtie in practically all colors of the rainbow to match your own themes. 

One of the more fun features of the current cake toppers is that you can find them in regular mens suits or wearing all kinds of casual clothing. You can even find some wedding cake toppers all in Halloween type characters if that's your thing! Talk about specific! And if you want, you can find grooms with or without the popular and more traditional top hats. Heck, there are even grooms wearing cowboy hats, too. 

So the choice of wedding toppers varieties is all up to you and your needs and budget. And the options for choosing a bridal cake topper are just as wide. Some of the wedding cake topper figurines will be wearing a short, more simple wedding gown, while others might wear a longer, strapless one, or maybe even come in several colors. 

Disney Showcase Collection Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Wedding Couple, Happily Ever After With You

Concerning hair styles and dress, you can find bride figurines for cake toppers wearing casual wedding dresses or ones decked out in full southern belle attire. These little figurines can also have a more traditional or a modern style and hair and dress colors can vary from dark to light and everything in between. There are also bride figurines that come with or without a veil and with or without various kinds of jewelry. 

When it comes to the poses a bride and groom wedding cake topper are in, those can also vary. You can usually find them in the more traditional arm in arm pose or sharing a kiss pose. Sometimes you might even find the couple dancing or in a funny pose of some sort. Maybe even in a dancing dip pose. Sometimes they come individually then you can mix and match the figurines that you want. Either way, these Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper figurines can also be used with or without props, for example, like various signs, umbrellas, skateboards or surfboards or something else that will probably make you laugh. 

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Mix and Match Wedding Cake Topper/Groom, Black Hair, Dark Skin Tone

And if you need something racially different, there are also figurines that more closely reflect your own culture and ethnicity out there, such as Hispanic, Asian, African-American and more. Interracial bride and groom figurine couples are also getting more and more popular. If you're lucky, you might even find some of the cake toppers that reflect countries where the bride or groom may be from. 

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Mix and Match Wedding Cake Topper/Bride, Black Hair, Dark Skin Tone

Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper figurines can also be displayed in black silhouette or as all white figurines if you don't prefer the ones that are available that already have a hair or eye color painted on them. And let me take a second to point out that wedding cake toppers can also be made out of a variety of materials, such as wood or porcelain, elegant crystals, gemstones, plastics or metallic finishes. Pewter is also a popular choice often used for the wedding cake figurines. 

Two Brides in Gowns Lesbian Marriage Wedding Cake Topper - (Can be Custom Painted) - Lesbian Wedding Merchandise Pride Products

So what do you want your Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper figurines to do? The bride and groom can stand alone, together or beneath arches of flowers or other decorative touches. And if you need it, you can even get 2 women or 2 men posing atop for your cake topper. The choice is yours, but now you need to decide if you want your bride and groom wedding cake topper to stand directly on the top of your cake or be elevated on a porcelain base of some sort? 

And the most fun bride and groom wedding cake toppers I have seen, without a doubt, have to be the custom ones made exactly for the wedding couple from pictures they supply to the company that is actually making these custom cake toppers. Of course, these 3D models that look almost exactly like you are a lot more expensive than one you can find on the counter in any party store because of their custom nature and the time, equipment and technology involved.

But just think how wonderful it would be to pull this heirloom figurine out of the drawer in 15 or 20 years and see how young and skinny you were when you just got married. And if you want a more joking kind of custom cake topper, almost like a caricature cake topper, then here is one place you can find wedding bobblehead toppers too that are really cool.

Lastly, flowers of all types and wedding bells and even pets are some of the more popular wedding adornments you'll see engraved on the bottom of some Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper bases. Don't let these intimate details pass you by. So whether the figurines you choose to put on your wedding cake are are chic, funny, weird, cute or elegant, a Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper will add the perfect finishing touches to your wedding cake on your special day. 

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