Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Are Everywhere

Yes, there are cheap wedding cake toppers out there - not everything with the name wedding in it is expensive, LOL. :) So whenever you need to save on costs without cutting your corners too deeply, one of the ways that you can do that and save money is by purchasing a cheap wedding cake topper. And of all the wedding cake toppers out there, just because the topper you choose might not cost as much as some of the higher end ones cost, does not mean that it won’t look great perched atop your wedding cake. 

First of all, are there certain items that you already own that you might want to use as a wedding cake topper? If so, this would definitely be a great way to save cash on your topper to put toward another bridal item that you’ll need. For example, maybe the groom was the brides college softball coach for years and that is how they met and fell in love. So what could be a better choice in this case than a nice (clean) yellow softball setting atop the cake? Just an idea - so in other words if you already have a small cherished item that you already own, why not use it as a cake topper if at all possible?

Another cheap wedding cake toppers option would be to make your own. If you or a friend or family member is an artist or a DIY master, maybe you, or they could make something special for your cake. In this case the item would definitely be unique and custom and could possibly become a family heirloom depending on what the item is. A small sculpture, tiny painting, handmade item or some other meaningful DIY piece could be just the thing for your wedding cake topper and practically free for you.

Cheap Wedding Cake Topper Options

If the cake topper you want to get must be a monogrammed cake topper, you can find these all over the place for wedding cake toppers, some encrusted with gems, rhinestones and crystals and all kinds of lettering shapes and sizes. Whenever you are looking for one of these the trick to keep in mind is to be sure and not order any of the things that will drive the costs up on your topper, such as adding a fancier base than the norm or any unusual or custom extras. Also, it is a good idea to avoid adding any extra etching designs to your monogrammed topper. 

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Mix and Match Wedding Cake Topper/Bride, Blonde Hair, Light Skin Tone Porcelain

There are so many kinds of wedding cake toppers out there that offer various initials in all sorts of lovely scripts that you should be able to find a nice letters cake topper for you with the letters that you need and at a cost much more reasonable. A good way to have a really nice cake topper without paying too much for it if you want to have your initials as the cake topper, is not to choose the option to get any crystals or gems that might be on the topper custom colored to match your own wedding colors. This choice alone will save you a lot of money on the final cost. 

Other ways to easily cut back on the cost of cake toppers is to avoid more expensive choices such as jeweled name cake toppers because the jewels, gems, crystals and the like all add up making the cost much higher. By using acrylic or faux kinds of materials instead of real crystals or gemstones you can also dramatically lower the costs of wedding cake toppers (and most people won’t even know the difference). I have even seen meaningful tree ornaments atop wedding cakes before as a part of a beautiful cake topper arrangement.

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Ornament, Just Married

Cake toppers with additional things like pearls, crystals, gems or fancy bling will also run up the costs very quickly. In fact, just keep in mind that many toppers that might call for a unique or one-of-a-kind design, especially if it has to be custom designed, means that the cost will be even more expensive. Why? Thanks to all the extra details and time that it takes to actually manufacture the cake topper for your own ceremony instead of using a ready made option. So simple and elegant wedding cake toppers like chalkboard easels or ready made figurines are a great choice to buy.

For any brides and grooms out there who want to use a funny or whimsical cake topper, you could choose items like figurines that do not need any additional painting or artwork changes or that need additional pieces to complete the design, such as goofy props like signs or umbrellas. Tiny toys that aren’t too heavy work well as cake toppers too. Maybe you want to include a favorite superhero or a character you’ve both loved from childhood, maybe a sport you're both passionate about like football or gaming, these small figurines are often wonderful choices and are great cheap wedding cake toppers.

Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Life With You Is A Beautiful Journey

Other ways to keep costs down on wedding cake toppers is to watch out for any additional things the manufacturer might want to add like flowers, engraving or other add ons on the base or body of the cake topper, which adds more costs to the cost of the final product as well. You can also save some money by choosing a ready made bride and groom figurine that is not specifically designed for anyone in particular and already dressed in basic wedding clothing such as a nice dress and tux or suit. 

There are many ways you can get cheap wedding cake toppers (even if you need a certain item such as a nod to your love of sports, cars, TV shows, movie characters, animals or motorcycles) without spending breaking the bank. And if it is a particular character that you must have as a wedding cake topper, it is very possible to find various licensed figurines at low prices, especially on sale or at certain times of the year like Black Friday or the like provided you pay attention to the sales papers and maybe even have a few trusted friends or family members looking for these items for you too. 

Precious Moments Resin Music Box First Dance As Mr. and Mrs. Musical

So there is no reason that you have to give anything up when it comes to choice and having the kind of color, shape or style cheap wedding cake toppers that you want. With all the choices available online, in stores or in your mind if you are an artsy type DIY person, I believe you will be able to locate more possibilities than you'll ever need. Now the problem comes in choosing exactly which cheap wedding cake toppers you want for your own wedding cake. So have fun looking.

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