Civil Wedding Ceremony Details

What is a Civil Wedding Ceremony? A civil ceremony is a legal wedding ceremony in which two people form a civil union. The main difference between a civil wedding and a religious wedding ceremony is that the latter has been blessed by an ordained minister or priest. Civil ceremonies are often performed in places like courtrooms or an office building. This type of wedding is perfect for couples that don't want to get married in front of loads of family and friends for whatever reason or those who already have made their commitment before getting officially married.

A civil ceremony is not a religious ceremony per se, but it has been blessed by the government of the country in which it takes place. The main difference with a civil wedding is that there is no religious significance and you have to  use the officiant supplied by the court house or city hall, for example, the justice of the peace. For the remainder of this article we will assume you are getting married at the actual city hall or court house in your area.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and the location you choose for your civil ceremony can have a huge impact on the memories that you will take away from it. This short article is going to explore and list some of the top factors that you should take into consideration when choosing to have a civil wedding ceremony, so that you can make an informed decision that will suit all of your needs.

Why Would I Choose a Civil Ceremony?

The decision of whether or not to have a civil wedding ceremony instead of a traditional wedding can come with nice benefits. A civil ceremony is a ceremony that is performed by a government official and is recognized by the law. A civil ceremony can be as quick and intimate as you want it to be. Plus, they are often simple, but still have some of the same elements of a traditional wedding so months and months of planning are not required. 

A civil ceremony is a legally binding marriage ceremony that has no religious connotations of any type. There are several reasons a couple may choose to have one of these but a few might be: for convenience sake, timing or because the couple wants to keep the religious aspect of their marriage separate from the legal aspect of it.

For the most part there are many benefits to having a civil wedding ceremony over a traditional wedding. First, there are no limitations or restrictions on who can attend the ceremony. Second, it's less expensive than having a traditional wedding because there are fewer guests and no need for a venue or cake. Third, there is more flexibility in planning - you can plan your own wedding by choosing your own location and time of day for the event based on what is available.

What Do I Need for a Civil Wedding Ceremony

You need a marriage license! That is the most important document in order to have a civil ceremony. You should get that from your local government well before you go there for your wedding day. For people who are 18 or older, they can go to their county office and request a marriage license. In some places it is free of charge. In other places fees are involved. But this is not a one day service so be prepared to wait a few days or even weeks before your marriage license is ready.

A civil wedding ceremony is the most common form of legal marriage in the United States. This involves filing for a marriage license, which can be done anywhere in the country legally, and having a ceremony performed by anyone authorized to do so.

In order to have a civil wedding ceremony, you need to have your license and paperwork in order. You will also need to give some thought as to who will perform your ceremony, choose a time to have your wedding and exactly who will attend your ceremony. Typically you will need one or two witnesses but you can usually have a handful of friends and family too - just check with your local municipality first to see what their rules for guests are.

My best advice would be to do your research and find out all the details as well as what legal documents you will need to bring with you both long before heading for your local court house to get hitched - otherwise you might be making multiple trips before you can get married because you didn't have all the paperwork you needed with you when you went to get your marriage license in the first place. You may need a drivers license, social security card, passport, birth certificate, etc - so be sure to find out everything that you need first.

Important Parts of a Civil Ceremony

The marriage civil ceremony is the time when two people become a public, legal and social institution. It is also a show of commitment and love for your partner. The following things are some of the most important parts of a civil ceremony:

In many ways a civil wedding ceremony and a wedding at a church are much the same. A marriage officer or an officiant of some type will perform the ceremony and they will present you to each other as husband and wife. The officiant will then ask if anyone knows any reason why you should not be married to which it must be answered with "I do not". 

The officiant will then ask you both to declare your marriage vows in front of your family and friends. You may also make your own vows, if desired. You may exchange rings, or have ring-bearers on either side provide rings for you to exchange at this time. Afterward the officiant will declare the couple married.

However, you can plan your own service to be your own. You can have flowers or present gifts to each other or maybe do something else to spice up your big day. You could even give your spouse a wedding gift of this day complete with a beautiful certificate you could frame, dedicated to them only if you wanted to, to make this day even more unique and special.

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Personally I would visit your local court house or city hall well in advance of the time you want to get married and ask lots of questions. Find out exactly what is included, what you need to do, what you need to bring and what is allowed to make your court house wedding memorable, unique and as special to you and your sweetie as possible. After all, it is your wedding, right?!

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