Our Hybrid DIY Printing Process

Are you familiar with the DIY printing process? Let me help you with printing your own wedding invitations if that is what you want to do. Coming from a graphic design background, I can tell you that there are literally thousands and thousands of DIY wedding type designs out there that you can use for your own wedding ceremony for save the date cards, wedding invitations and so much more. Most of these designs can save you money - if you know how to follow the printing process. Professional printing is an art form so don't take the skills these professionals possess lightly.

But if you're not familiar with professional printing, can you still complete your own wedding invitations? Yes you can - with some help. Do you know what resolution is? Pantone? DPI? Paper stock, weights or types? Full bleed? PDF, AI vs JPG? 5x7, A4, 6x9? Ever used Photoshop or Illustrator? If you are unaware what the majority of those things are then I would suggest that you might try using our hybrid DIY printing process.

Laser Cut Wedding Invitations With RSVP

So if you are a DIY kind of girl looking for a more budget friendly invitations alternative you can definitely save yourself a lot of money by printing these out yourself - if you understand the process and already have great quality equipment yourself such as a really nice color laser printer. Just remember, you need to first consider all the costs such as paper stock, inks, printer, postage, envelopes, etc to see if the DIY method will really save you money compared to the more traditional methods - because it will definitely not save you time since you are doing it yourself.

I will briefly go through the process I would suggest you use below if you are not super familiar with the printing process - I think of it as a hybrid method:

Our Wedding Invitations Hybrid DIY Printing Process

1) Look at various wedding invitations designs online and choose the one that best fits the style, color and overall feel you want for your wedding. There are many places you can do this at but my favorite would have to be Creative Fabrica because of the amount of wedding invitations and other styles that they have on sale at any one time. Once you get there just such for "wedding invitation templates" or "wedding invitations" and you will be given hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from. And best of all, all of these designs are customizeable using many different graphic programs. Etsy would have to be my second choice for all the same reasons.

2) If you know how to use Adobe Indesign, Photoshop or Illustrator then you are in good shape to edit the files you chose for your ceremony in step #1. Then you can add your details such as names, dates, etc to make them useable for you. If you don't know how to use these programs don't worry because you can always hire a graphic designer to make all the changes you need for you and then resave them for you to take to a printing service. You can easily hire a graphic designer at places like Fiverr, or you can hire me to do those changes for you too for a small price.

3) The next DIY printing process step is to take your newly edited files to a printing store such as Office Depot, Staples or another print shop that is local to you and get quotes on printing costs. Compare the costs, services and quality of each printer you visit and then make your decision so you can order your invitations. Each of these places will be able to help you choose the best paper for your design from several options, matching envelopes for each card size, cut the designs down to the correct size, and just make your final product look truly professional.


picky bride wedding invitations
4) Or you can choose to use a service such as PickyBride where they do it all for you and have some of the nicest Elegant Wedding Invitations I have ever seen, beautifully laser cut in so many different designs. Or, if you want to save on shipping costs all together and send all your invitations online vie email, why not check out Greenvelope.com wedding invitations as you go through this DIY printing process?
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