Looking For a Disney Wedding Cake Topper?

For some couples, a Disney wedding cake topper is the only wedding cake topper choice for them. Choosing from all the wonderful characters they have in their lineup and all the whimsical, magical and memorable love stories they have told over the years, all this alone makes some brides want to share in a little magic all their own on their wedding day, and to have a fairy tale ceremony that will have songs written about it for years to come. After all, who doesn't love magic and fairy tales?

Which Disney Wedding Cake Topper Do You Want?

In fact, what Bride doesn’t want a little magic to happen on the biggest day of her life - her wedding day? A little good luck, a smooth and uneventful ceremony, a fantastic reception, happy families and guests and a relaxed spouse - every bride wants this. And having this Disney wedding cake topper, this one little object, it is only one symbol - but for some brides right now, hoping that magic is truly happening in their lives and that their own love story is starting - this can be an overwhelming and powerful emotion.

And this wonderful little item sitting on top of their wedding cake, it’s just one emblem letting them know that their happily ever after has finally started and there is a possibility of true love in their lives. Happiness is finally coming to fruition and her lifelong love story is about to happen with the man of their dreams. Oh, happy day! And this cute little wedding cake topper is a reminder of their start, their present and maybe even one day, of their happy future. A keepsake that she can have forever to remind her of this special day.

So, having any one of these beloved and delightful Disney characters is one tiny way to make everyone at your wedding ceremony smile as they see it sitting atop your beautiful wedding cake. Plus, now those characters are members of your wedding entourage. And you don’t just have to choose from animal characters only if you don't want to. Even though they are a big hit as decorative choices for wedding cake toppers, Disney also offers lots of other characters, men, women of all shapes and sizes to choose from. 

After all, who could forget the stories of Mickey and Minnie, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and the Prince, or Lady and the Tramp? Or what about other characters like Disney's version of Prince Charming and Cinderella? In each of these love stories the girl came to know over time and by overcoming many adversities that it was true love and that their love story was real. But that is a Disney fairy tale for you - there's always a happy ending!

But what about your own fairy tale love story? What are you looking for - humor, drama, splendor? Will this Disney wedding cake topper fulfill your dreams and help all your guests compare your love story to that of the characters on the cake topper you have chosen? As you know wedding cake toppers also come in multiple colors. So if one does not fit your color scheme I am sure there are several other choices out there which will fit practically any color schemes you will need.

Be it Snow White, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, you should easily be able to find a wedding cake topper that suits you to a tee. Featuring a long line of Disney characters, Princes and Princesses, animals of all kinds and even fantastical beings - symbolism is one factor that runs deep in all of these love stories. Your wedding cake topper, with so many different characters to choose from, well, choosing only one will probably be one of the toughest decisions you’ll have to make today, LOL.

So why would any couple getting married want a Disney wedding cake topper in the first place? I believe one reason is because these are one of the most fun ways to decorate your lovely wedding cake. The characters are decorated elaborately and in bright and vibrant colors. But, they also often represent those stories, characters and qualities that we often hold dear and above all others. And I think those classic love stories and characters who had to overcome so much to be together. . . Well, if those characters could do it, I believe that most couples feel a similarity in that they too can overcome all sorts of obstacles and still remain in love too. 

So feel free to look at all the wonderful cake topper designs and figurines on this page. Click on any of the images here if you want to learn even more details about that statuette. All of the Disney wedding cake topper examples we have included here for you are quite loveable and sweet. We hope these lovely Disney characters created by PreciousMoments as figurines and other companies too are choices that will be helpful to you in your search. But most of all, we hope your own happy ending starts today!

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