Do You Need a Military
Wedding Cake Topper?

A military wedding cake topper is one of my favorite kinds of wedding cake toppers of all time. I have a few service members in my immediate family and also have several friends in the military and always think of them every time I hear someone mention any branch of the military - Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy. Not to mention all the other service men and women who serve for their countries wherever they may be worldwide. I appreciate their service and sacrifice so much. 

Most especially I love all the colorful uniforms these men and women get to wear. They are so lovely and a few of the branches, I think their uniforms, especially the dress versions, are simply stunning. Whether they be dressed in blues of all shades, strong greens, or even white, be they covered in badges, medals or stripes of every level or even wearing those khaki fatigues that look like they have just returned right from the desert, I love them all. To choose the strong hero standing there proudly waiting for their sweetheart to join them at their side while wearing any of these military uniforms, these are cake topper figurines I really love looking at the most. 

And for the brides, even if she is serving in the military herself, almost every time she will wear a beautiful flowing wedding dress as she is swept off her feet by her favorite warrior. Most women now choose to get married and choose to wear a lovely long wedding gown with veils and the whole nine yards on their wedding day rather than their regular uniform. After all, how many opportunities will you have to wear a wedding gown, ladies? Am I right? And if you want to see bride bobbleheads in wedding gowns, just click the link here to see even more examples for yourself.

Which Military Wedding Cake Topper Will You Choose?

For service men and women who are getting married, a military wedding cake topper is a wonderful way to share their patriotism with their guests and a nice way to top their wedding cake and honor the bride and groom as well. It also helps to integrate the military professionals service to their country with their love of family and friends and helps join everything into one large wedding party event!

Feel free to click on any of these figurine images below to learn even more about them.

Navy Sailor

Armed and Dangerous

Air Force




I don't know about you, but whenever I think about military weddings, it brings to mind an image of a lavish, romantic, dramatic and quite lovely affair, old fashioned and traditional in oh so many ways. And no matter what branch of the military you or your sweetie is in, speaking of the US branches for this article, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy, I do believe you will be able to find a military wedding cake topper that you will be happy with to adorn your wedding cake and possibly for other military services outside the US as well if you aren't too strict as to what the military figurines are wearing.

On this page I will share several options with you to use as your cake topper for your military wedding. These will all be figurines in various military uniforms or fatigues and in several poses. Also, they might be couples but most will be individual figurines so you have the opportunity to choose the bride or the groom in uniform. In many cases, the bride often wears a wedding dress instead of a uniform if she is in the service too so if that is the case we will include a few brides as well for you - figurines dressed in wedding gowns so you can have 2 figurines atop your wedding cake if you choose.

And For The Ladies . . . 

Outfit 23

Formal 26

Gown 1

Gown 6

Many military wedding cake topper figurines are usually depicted wearing their dress uniforms. But there are also quite a few of the marine, soldier, sailor or airman wearing their more casual everyday uniforms. So we hope you can find a military figurine that suits your purposes here. If you want to dress it up, since many people envision a more romantic Prince Charming kind of occasion, you could always add beautiful fabric satin bows to your cake topper figurines that look quite elegant on top of the cake itself.

Whether the groom is dressed in white, blue, green, khaki or something else all together, your hero will look so handsome and proud standing on the top of your wedding cake. And the bride, no matter what dress she chooses will look so beautiful standing right there at his side. In many case you can customize hair and eye color and sometimes even the choice of bouquet for the bride figurines. If you wanted to you could also add accessories to your figurines such as small pearls or flowers to the bride or maybe a tiny gun or sword to the groom.

For military weddings, you don't have to use bride and groom figurines as a cake topper. For your military wedding cake topper you could choose anything else you wanted to but in many cases it would include some sort of military insignia. But no matter what you choose, we hope that the two of you enjoy all the pomp and circumstance associated with your military wedding and have the best day ever and one that the two of you will never forget.

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