Wedding Cake Tastes and Tips

Choosing the perfect wedding cake is another important step in planning your special wedding day. So don’t worry, you don’t have to be a foodie to make a great choice. Wedding cakes no longer have to be one of those super sweet treats of years gone by. No matter if you love raspberries, dragon fruit, chocolate or coconut, you can easily choose a flavor for your own wedding cake that will make you and your mate plus all your wedding guests all happy with the help of the right baker who has the right talents to make you both the cake that you want.

Using our tips below you can choose the perfect confections for your own wedding day. So, what flavors do you like? Are you bound to chocolate or vanilla or are your more open to trying new flavor combinations or maybe even a few of those flavors that you've seen on TV but have never tasted in person? This is definitely where the help of a trained and skilled baker can come in to play.

Our best advice would definitely be to plan a tasting and see what flavors are out there and what the trending ones are some that you might want to share on your wedding date. Maybe there's a new trendy flavor out there that you will absolutely love - but you haven't tasted it yet. This is why a tasting is so important. And if the baker you are speaking with now isn't the perfect fit for you and your bridal cake needs, then try another. There are literally thousands of bakers out there ready to create your fabulous wedding cake and probably several of them are local to you.

First, I would advise you to make sure most of your other important wedding decisions are made before starting to plan the cake. For example, make sure that things like wedding dress choice, colors, wedding venue, overall theme and reception area are already completed. Why? Because these choices can help you make an even better decision of exactly what kind of cake works best for your own unique wedding. Remember, the cake is a very important part of the wedding ceremony - but it is not the main attraction.

A few tips before you get to your cake tasting appointment that the baker or caterer will gladly plan for you, are to make sure that you let them know your flavor preferences and as much as you can about your weddings style, colors, where it will happen, the season and what you really want. If you don’t have any idea what you really want – only that it be different - letting a baker know what your wedding theme is, color scheme, or your favorite cake flavor can be very helpful.

If you want something different or unusual and plan to choose a cake that’s not your usual pick, then why not start thinking about the taste? You might be surprised to see that there are loads of wonderful and unique flavors you might want to choose from. And who knows, you may find a new favorite flavor that you've never tried before while at the tasting if you open yourself up to new experiences and wander past chocolate and vanilla.

Choosing the flavor for the wedding cake might even take a few visits so don’t be upset if the answer just doesn’t come to you on your first tasting visit. One easy way to help make your decision so much faster is to keep in mind the kind of wedding you plan on having and exactly where you are having it at (for example: a barn, a church reception hall, on the beach, etc) when selecting your wedding cake and all its components.

So if you’re having a particular kind of wedding such as a beach themed wedding, then why not go with the flavors and tastes of the tropical island vibe such as coconut or pineapple? And if you have a great sense of humor, you might even choose something truly unusual - especially when it comes to the grooms cake - like maybe a tower of yummy donuts, mounds of gourmet cupcakes or cake pops by the dozens.

Speaking of the grooms cake, don’t forget to select a wild flavor for it too. Usually considered a Southern tradition, groom’s cake are now becoming more and more popular all over the world. You could get wild and creative by choosing something non traditional like chocolate, certain spice cakes or vanilla and decoration wise, they are often more outlandishly decorated such as a cake complete with bow tie and suspenders or some other design that really connects with the groom.

Or you could continue along with the same theme or favorite flavor criteria that you already used for your big wedding cake - but why do that? In most cases, since this is the “groom’s cake,” what we have seen over the past several years is a cake that depicts more of the grooms personality design wise and is usually a different flavor completely from the wedding cake, such as red velvet or some other "chocolately" and rich flavor.

Choosing a Wedding Cake

All right, so you have made your cake flavor choice for your own wedding cake(s). Great job! Congratulations, that is really a big step! Now the next thing is to figure out just how much cake you need to feed all your guests and just how the cake(s) will be presented to your guests after your wedding ceremony. Also, how much cake and extras fit into your budget?

First, you need to know just how many guests you will be feeding. The baker needs a final guest number to figure out just how much cake must be made. And then your next decision, based on the number of guests attending your soiree, will be the style of wedding cake you want - tiered or what else?

Are you planning on a stacked cake with multiple tiers? You can also choose mini cakes if you want, meaning each guest has their own individual intricately decorated piece of cake - which is probably one of the most expensive ways to go. Or, if you’re on a budget, why not order a sheet cake style which can still be decorated as you wish, but is far less expensive than the first two choices presented above. 

Have you thought about cupcakes, cake balls or cake pops? These are another interesting alternative to give to your guests if you need to cut costs somewhere. Perhaps you might choose a smaller wedding cake for the main ceremony and then feed the guests these smaller items such as cupcake or cake pops. Talk with your baker - who knows, they might have another option to talk to you about if you are having a hard time making up your mind.

Another option might be that if you or a friend or family member is a great baker, then possibly they could help you by making these done-for-you individual wedding treats for your guests. And if you're lucky enough to have several fabulous bakers in your family, then maybe they could all help by chipping in and baking fantastic cupcakes or other confections to keep your hungry guests happy after the ceremony.

Also, based on the time of year your wedding is, try and plan ahead by considering all the weather and delivery possibilities. Typically, wedding cakes are not often delivered in one piece - meaning they need to be assembled once they arrive at the wedding hall. So if it is super hot, rainy or something else, you and your baker may have to make additional arrangements on your wedding day.

Also, for example, if your wedding is outside in the summer heat on a Florida beach then it might be best to stay away from toppings like buttercream, whipped cream or even meringue. Why? Because they will melt, or sweat like crazy, and your cake will look terrible in no time. Do your due diligence and ask your baker what other options are available to you. And the same goes for any other time of year. Plan ahead with your baker now and you will be so much happier when your big day finally gets here.

Basically, keep this is mind and you will do better when making your wedding cake choice - the more complicated the wedding cake is, flavor or decoration wise, then the more expensive it is going to be. If you’re thinking costs by slice per person, it does vary depending on what options you choose, but can easily range from $2.50 per piece per person on the lower end to $15 or more per slice on the higher end.

Design additions, intricate decorations, hard-to-find fillings or items such as hand crafted sugar flowers or marzipan fruits for example, are all going to add a lot to your bottom line on the cake cost because you'll be paying extra for the cake designer's additional labor. Why? Because making all of these lovely, out of the ordinary items, take lots of skill and loads of time to make in addition to the baking and cake decoration itself. Did you know that the average cost of a wedding cake based on research from couples actually married in 2019 was well over $500 per cake.

And what about the frosting choice? Which do you prefer, buttercream or fondant? Or, what about adding both by frosting the cake first in buttercream and then adding a layer of fondant over the entire thing? Or what about a trendy naked cake? Have you seen those? They are also quite lovely in a completely different way. So that's something else to consider when thinking about cakes.

Or if you want something elegant, dramatic and completely over the top, what about a beautiful mirror glazed cake? They are outstanding and one of my absolute favorites! Truly a stunning cake design. Other choices for toppings on your wedding cake include ganache, swiss meringue, or white chocolate. You can then add fresh fruits or flowers and gum paste or sugar paste flowers if it is within your budget.

Lastly, concerning other kinds of decorative items for the wedding cake is the subject of wedding cake toppers. You have multiple options depending on what you want. Are you looking for something more traditional like a classic figurine or an heirloom piece borrowed from your family? How about something uniquely you and a little more expensive since they are definitely a custom item, such as a custom made bobblehead cake topper (see banner below) or a 3D model of the couple actually getting married as a one of a kind cake topper?

Or do you want something more fun and whimsical like perhaps a sculpted toy topper made from Legos of your favorite superhero character? A statue of cowboy boots (definitely male and female) labeled "Just Married"? Perhaps a picture of the wedding couple inside an acrylic frame? Or how about marzipan figurines? Real or sugar flowers on the top? There are so many options you can choose from that this one decision might take a while.

At the end of the day, actually cutting pieces from the wedding cake is usually the last thing you might do for your wedding celebration feast. No matter if you decide on a regular flavor for your wedding cake or not, your particular wedding cake should be a flavor that you both really like. And if it tastes wonderful and delicious and looks fantastic to you then your guests will leave your ceremony happy and with a fond memory - and a full stomach. So choose wisely . . .  after all, you’ll be eating it again in a year or so on your one year wedding anniversary!

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