Choosing Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses! The iconic wedding dress. I don’t know about you, but every time I hear the word wedding my thoughts immediately are filled with images of beautiful gowns of various colors and shades of white and cream and every other color known to mankind. As for length, some are short, some with super long trains, some are mini skirt length, some have pants and some are outfits that you have yet to imagine because they are more associated with dream or fantasy themed weddings. Also, as you look through the images on this page feel free to click them to learn more about that gown.

But wedding dresses are one of those things that you have probably planned, thought about and dreamed of since you were about five – sound familiar? Or maybe you’re one of the ones that panics every time you think about what you’re going to wear now that your happy day is almost here! Either way, many women already have an idea in their heads of exactly how they’ll appear as they walk down the aisle on their wedding day in their boho themed gown, vintage styled wedding dress or something else entirely. Does this describe you?

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If you are not a famous person, from a famous family or a celebrity in Hollywood, or a child from a super wealthy family, then more than likely the  wedding dress you choose for yourself will probably be the most pricey single  piece of clothing that you’ll ever buy – unless you decide to follow the more affordable budget route and cut down the costs on your wedding dress. But don’t worry if you don’t happen to have wheelbarrows full of cash just waiting around to be spent, because there are loads of places where you can find beautiful wedding dresses online for less. Some of these website have in-store options too.

Buying Wedding Dresses Can Be Fun

It’s really important to note that the wedding gown industry is filled with many competitors who will practically fight for your money and business – so you will have loads of wedding gowns to choose from when you do begin your search. From mermaid gowns, plus sized dresses to new, trendy or colorful wedding dresses that stand out miles from the more traditionally colored and styled gowns available, there are plenty of dresses out there that suit all kinds of styles and fashions and tastes - and costs too. So it’s important that you:

  • set an affordable budget for your wedding dress, and then:
  • think about what kind of style and fit that you want that looks and feels best on your body.
Shop Dresses for Weddings

It’s a good idea to think about the kind of wedding dress that you really want before you even go shopping. Ask yourself things like: what is the most important thing to me when looking for my wedding dress? Could it be designer status? Is it cost? Is color an issue? What about quality? Fit? Fabric type? Style - sheer availability? Or maybe something else all together. Do you need help choosing your wedding dress accessories? So it’s a lot to think about and making this decision requires a lot of careful consideration. 

When thinking about which wedding dress is the right one for you to purchase, you should also consider other things like what season of the year you’ll be married in and what kind of venue will you be married at. For example, a wedding dress for a laid back beach wedding is often very different than one you would chose for a more formal setting such as a huge cathedral wedding. Classic, glamorous, vintage, high-end, comfortable, romantic, and beautiful - do any of these terms describe the kind of wedding dress you are looking for?

And with that train of thought in mind, is your wedding going to be a formal affair with hundreds of guests or a more casual family-only type ceremony with a small number of people? And if you don’t have plenty of time to get a custom, one of a kind, gown created just for you, then you will certainly have to buy a wedding dress right off-the-rack. Is that an option you can be happy with?

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Time is definitely something that must be included in your wedding plans too because it often takes several months to create a custom gown from scratch. . . and then additional weeks will have to factored in to your wedding plans for things like alterations, adding or choosing accessories and the like. And that is just for this one item. So if you do not factor in enough time you will probably be charged additional rush fees that can often add up to an extra 30% or more being added to the final cost for your gown. Ouch!

We feel that the one thing that many brides don't really spend enough time on factoring into their wedding dress choice is its actual comfort. Looks are important. We understand that. But if you have to bend, sit or kneel, can you do it comfortably in the dress without looking like you're some sort of contortionist or a member of a comedy act? Or maybe you want to bust a move at the reception after the service is over and dance the night away in your dress. Will you be able to do it comfortably with a 10 foot train?

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Right now, per the informal research we’ve done online, the average cost of regular wedding gown in 2019 was around $1600 or so. But it’s very possible to find pre-owned wedding gowns and dresses for lots less and even some brand new ones too if you catch them on sale. Or you can go the other extreme and easily pay thousands and thousands in cold hard cash for your dream wedding gown if you have the resources. For example, Donald Trump’s current wife, Melania, paid about $200,000 for her wedding dress! 

Either way, no matter what you choose, keep an open mind and have realistic expectations - and have some fun. The wedding gown styles you have dreamed of for years may not feel or look good at all on your body once you’ve tried it on. So be adventurous and try something else. You'll probably be sweetly surprised if you listen to the advice of the helpful sales ladies at the wedding salons you visit. They have loads of experience in pairing wedding dresses to fit particular bridal body shapes. And friends and family can be helpful too when you're making this big decision.

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Traditional or trendy, once you start shopping for wedding dresses you may realize that the dress style that you thought you wanted all this time is not really the one you really want at all. And that’s okay. Just try on some different styles and see if any of them appeal to you. You'll never know until you try them on yourself. In the end, we urge you to choose the wedding gown that is comfortable and makes you feel the best and most beautiful.

Overall, just how formal your wedding ceremony will be will usually decide just how unique and fancy your wedding dress will be. Then once you do find your gown, do yourself a favor and stop shopping for them and go on to the next item on your wedding to do list! And feel proud that this is one major decision that you have researched, shopped for and checked off your list! Time for a big pat on the back! Now on to the next thing. . .

In the end, however, remember that it’s your big day, So it doesn't matter even if you have hay bales stacked all over the place in your parents back yard, a country band playing in the background and the smell of delicious BarBQ and sides wafting all around the property in your unique backyard destination wedding party, if you want to wear a super fancy wedding dress with a 10 foot train, then throw out all the rules and just do it girl!  :~)

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