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Can You Use Real Flowers And Not Go Broke?

Wedding flowers are an essential part of any wedding ceremony. Plus, they are one of those things that make such a wonderful impression on your guests and can help in the overall look and feel of your wedding ceremony without actually doing anything at all other than being there and looking pretty. The cost of wedding flowers can range in price quite drastically from a simple bridal bouquet to an elaborate floral table presentation that you may need for your dinner site and other surfaces within the venue space. 

Other flower arrangements include wedding party members flowers including corsages for the bride and room mothers, flowers for the bridemaids, boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen, all kinds of table and reception décor centerpieces and arrangements, and even a tossing bouquet.

Depending on the type of flowers you choose for your own wedding ceremony, the colors you are using and what kind of arrangements you choose, you can drastically change the feel of your wedding with just a few simple tweaks based on your choices of this one item. For example, are you having a more modern or contemporary wedding? Do you love bright colors? Then maybe think about choosing happy, beautiful and colorful Gerbera daisies for your ceremony. 

Do you want a more classic feel? Then how about checking out roses, carnations or peonies? Is it a rustic barn wedding? How about flowers that include warm autumnal colors? Tulips are a popular choice for wedding flowers. So are calla lilies. They are both very minimalistic, sleek and architecturally classic in every way if you are looking for that sort of vibe. Plus they come dressed in many lovely colors.

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Then again, some kinds of flowers have large, oversized blooms which are absolutely perfect when trying to have a more romantic feel for your wedding. What about a lovely lily and hydrangea grouping of fresh flowers? So you see, your choice of flower makes a big difference in the overall mood and feel of your own ceremony too. Without leaving your house you can easily check out flowers species online or in books and see what is available. Just get an idea if there are any flowers in particular that really grab your attention over and over. These may be the ones that you want to consider for your own wedding.

When planning your special day, don’t underestimate the cost of wedding flowers. While many wedding planners advise you to spend at least 7-10% of your overall wedding budget on flowers, that can easily get you into the $5000 or more range really fast depending on which, and how many flowers that you choose. But you do NOT have to do that. In fact, we encourage you not to.

More Wedding Flowers Tips and Ideas

It’s amazing to think about just how much money some brides will pay for their wedding flowers, that will die in days, without even blinking an eye. But if you’re like many of us having to watch your pennies and dimes, flowers are the one wedding category that can make a huge dent in your wedding budget in no time flat - especially (big tip here) if you don’t use seasonal wedding flowers for your ceremony. 

Whenever you walk into your local flower shop, ask to see their book of previous wedding flowers and bouquets, floral centerpieces or arrangements that they’ve done in the past to see what kind of things they've done for other wedding clients.  If they do not have a wedding book, walk out the door now and find a florist that does have one. Why? Because this book proudly shares their floral experience and expertise proving this florist already has worked with other brides and lets you know almost instantly whether they have the skills to do whatever it is that you want for your special day. 

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As you wander about the florist shop take notice that the flowers and arrangements typically won’t have prices on them. Once you start talking to the florist about your wedding flowers ideas, that's usually when the pricing information will come out. We would suggest that you also tell them up front if you don’t have a huge budget if that is the case. Also, don’t tie yourself down to numbers money wise right now in the initial planning stages. If you can – just say, “small” and see where your visit takes you.

A creative florist that really wants your business will work with you, despite your budget. And they will tell you what your options are lead you in the directions that you'll need to go to decorate your wedding. Keep in mind that you don’t have to have a wedding planner to get flowers for your wedding. But if you don’t have a wedding planner, you must now use your best business skills to create deals and negotiate with vendors and florists over all the individual costs and discuss your options, likes and dislikes with them, such as using wedding orchids versus roses. 

Another strategy is to ask the florist about simplistic wedding flower designs such as a pure cut bouquet. Keep in mind that every time a florist has to create a custom arrangement for you alone, that you are making a far more expensive choice to buy.  If you’re into DIY and are crafty and enjoy making things, or if you have experience with simple flower arranging, then you could always get a book on how to create wedding floral designs and then buy the wedding flowers and do them yourself saving loads of money - but costing you time.

But that option can be time consuming. So in that case the choice might boil down to: do you have more money or do you have more time? If you have more money then you can probably afford to have someone else do all these things for you. But if you have more time on your hands and less cash, it would be a really good idea to learn how to do as much for your wedding ceremony yourself as you can, to save money in every way, be it on flowers, food, wedding favors, the dress or anything else.

Other wedding flowers ideas might be to forego certain floral wedding arrangements completely.  For example, if you can’t afford the lavish centerpieces you have seen elsewhere in wedding magazines and the like, then why not use smaller vases of flowers, candles, picture frames or other kinds of displays for your table centerpieces and save the flowers for items like your bouquet and aisle décor? 

One tip for you would be that you could also use the wedding ceremony flowers at your reception party later on. Oftentimes there is a bit of time between the actual wedding ceremony and the reception, so why not have someone collect all your wedding flowers, take them to the reception area and put them out on the tables for your reception service? That way you are using your flowers in more than one staged area and you are definitely getting your moneys worth out of them.   

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A good florist can offer you all sorts of ways to save money such as using seasonal flowers or local varieties. And if you’ve fallen in love with some flower arrangements that you have found in a bridal magazine or somewhere else, then why not ask the florist for suggestions as to what kinds of wedding flowers could be substituted in place of the ones in the pictures that you like so much. They can probably tell you several options that look almost identical, or at least similar, but are less expensive versions. This one tip alone could save you loads of money.  :~)

If I were you I would suggest that you make yourself a list of essential wedding flower types that you think you might need for your own service and then discuss this with your florist. At that point you can decide exactly which ones you will need and those that you probably won't. You can also decide how many of each you will need of each type and this can be a great starting place to create your wedding flowers checklist. Flower essentials we would suggest you consider are: the bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, ceremony flower arrangements, reception flower arrangements, centerpieces and flower petals for the flower girl.

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Another option that is becoming more and more popular currently is the use of silk flowers in the wedding ceremony. Have you ever attended a wedding in the past where the bride and groom used cheap fake wedding flowers in place of real ones because they couldn’t afford what they really wanted? Years ago silk flowers were so obviously not the real thing that most people could spot the difference from a mile away. But that is no longer the case. So, have you ever considered fake flower arrangements for weddings - perhaps for your own ceremony?

Because of todays technological advancements in making them, silk flowers are no longer the ugly duckling choice when it comes to wedding flowers. In fact, a lot of silk flowers today are very affordable and quite beautiful and many brides choose silk or artificial flowers for their wedding bouquet. You can find them online and at various nicer high end craft stores too. In fact, some of the silk flowers today are so lifelike, you might never even know the difference as long as you don't smell them. So, before you decide to go with the fake wedding flowers, realize that sometimes costs for the fake silk wedding flowers may even be more than the cost of real ones because of their high quality and craftsmanship - but you can always save these as keepsakes forever if you want to - unlike the real flowers.

So choose wisely. Silk or real, or maybe even a combination of both, as we think this is probably the best idea in most cases. I would suggest you try and be as flexible as possible when you choose your wedding flowers. Keep your budget, your actual needs (not necessarily your wants) and your color scheme and wedding theme in mind - then when it comes to choosing the exact type of flowers that you need for your own ceremony – if you’re willing to take suggestions and make substitutions here and there - then you’ll find that you can probably afford to have beautiful real blossoms and silk flowers too at your ceremony on your wedding day. 

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