Wedding Jewelry,
Picking the Perfect Piece

Wedding jewelry is one of those fun things that just adds the last finishing touches to a bride once you’ve already chosen your perfect gown, shoes and the way you'll style your hair. And for now, we are not concentrating on the wedding ring - it gets its own page later! For now we are talking only about bridal jewelry. It is the last thing you need to complete your whole outfit. But what pieces of wedding jewelry should you pick for your own wedding? And what is available out there to choose from?

Rina Silver Multi Strand Necklace in Lustre Glass

Since this is practically the final thing needed to complete your look before your wedding ceremony happens (except for makeup and hair styling perhaps), your choice of bridal jewelry style and type can definitely detract from or add to whatever look you want for your big wedding service, be it goth, romantic, theme based, un-traditional, military, trendy or whatever. Simple necklaces, such as a cross type style, are very popular as are pendant necklaces.

Diamonds and pearls are always a popular choice, but there are so many other gem stones to choose from, your choices are basically endless. The main problem that many brides may encounter when choosing wedding jewelry is that the gown they have purchased already has all sorts of bling of some type all over it. So, in that case you really should be careful that the jewels or other blingy items you choose as your final touch really complements the bridal dress that you will be wearing.

Daya Statement Earrings in Gold

A Little Wedding Jewelry Advice

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer you here concerning the choice of bridal jewelry is to stay the same as the theme you have already chosen for  your wedding gown. One thing you don't want to do is cover yourself in wedding jewelry layered in pearls, turquoise or other gemstones when your gown is already covered all over in lovely sequins or crystals.  Find those jewelry items, brands or jewelers that you love, like Reeds Jewelers for example, which complements all of you - your complexion and the style of your dress, pick the best and stick with those.

You best plan is to choose items that draw your guests eyes to the features that you think are your best ones as well as the fabulous dress you will be wearing on your big day. If you feel that your lips are your best feature of all, then wearing a lovely bracelet that pulls everyone’s eyes away from your face and to the bridal jewelry resting on your wrist is not really the best choice. In that case, why not choose a nice long necklace, choker or lovely pair of earrings to compliment your face, lips and eyes in tones of silver or gold?

Some brides choose to wear tiaras on their wedding day. If you do decide to wear a tiara on your special day just make sure that it fits in with everything else that you are wearing, bridal jewelry wise - and especially your gown. There’s not many things I'd rather not see at a wedding than a bride wearing a tiara that overpowers the rest of her bridal attire and just doesn't fit in overall. Many brides choose to wear beautiful, lovely and stylish wedding jewelry such as a lovely delicate bracelet but then make the mistake of pairing it with the wrong thing and messing up the overall appearance they were working on so hard.

Here's a few more pieces of advice when choosing your wedding jewelry. One  is to just not over do it. You don’t need to cover every piece of your body with something LOL. :) So don’t cover yourself up with too many dodads or thingamabobs.  If you put on too much bridal jewelry, you and your clothing will probably look “overdone.” In fact, most bridal dresses and gown accessories today are beautiful enough already without you needing to adorn yourself with an overdose of extra jewelry too.

Tegan Y Necklace in Gold

One thing we haven’t really spoken about here is prices when considering bridal jewelry. Real diamonds, pearls and many gem stones can be quite pricey when buying the real thing. One tip for you is that there are really nice faux jewelry items out there if you can’t afford the real thing, such as nice drop pearl earrings, or if you just don’t want to invest in the jewelry yourself, so check those options out.

Other tips include borrowing wedding jewelry if at all possible for the ceremony. In some cases you might have a friend or family member that will loan you a certain jewelry item for your entire ceremony and reception, such as a nice water drop european style necklace or earrings. So now you can have beautiful wedding pictures of you wearing all that lovely bling forever while not paying one dime for any of it! And if none of those ideas work for you, there are many places out there that will rent you actual wedding jewelry of all prices, kinds and styles - real or fake. Really! We didn't make that up!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about your shoes. This can be the one secret area where you put all sorts of fun details into that only you, or close members of the wedding party, know about. It is also a great idea of a place to add fun personalization accents that are not so serious or a good way to choose unique shoes that you love and want to wear for your ceremony that most people might not feel are truly "bridal" worthy.

While extra care has to be taken so you don’t ruin the look of your shoes if you are wearing the nicer pricey ones, just realize that you can put some jewelry on your feet or your shoes to give them that extra sparkle by adding fun accessories. And if you’re opting for tennis shoes during the ceremony, then I think it goes without saying that you’ve got to add some fun bridal jewelry items to those bad boys and bling them out good!  :~)

In the end, unique wedding jewelry can be so much more than just something you’ve just put on your gown. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings and more are all just pieces to complete your final look. . . kind of like the final pieces waiting to be added to a puzzle that is almost done. While your total look may already be complete without them, if you do it right, bridal jewelry is often that one item you did not know was really missing - until you added it! We will talk about wedding rings on another page.  :~)

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