After the Wedding Ideas
and Post Ceremony Festivities

If you do any kind of online research concerning after the wedding type festivities, or look at what happens in any of the different countries or different cultures worldwide I know you will find a huge array of different kinds of post wedding festivity ideas and activities. For example, across the pond in the United Kingdom, wedding party guests usually attend a large sit down kind of feast all together as soon as the wedding ceremony is over, followed by a huge party filled with dancing and loads of music. And don't forget about the copious amounts of liquor either because many of the wedding guests here tend to over do it in a big way.  

If you were in in Bulgaria, after the wedding is over they also have a large family style meal together. In many ways it is very similar to what the people in the UK do. Then, once the wedding ceremony is complete the bridal couple shares a large meal with all of their wedding guests, family and friends. But here's one difference: in Bulgaria, since it is very traditional a lot of the post wedding festivity ideas do not include any kind of spirits, liquor or alcohol. But traditional dancing does happen in abundance after the wedding party by all the guests attending the event.

A Few After the Wedding Activity Ideas

If you were to visit an after the wedding ceremony in Greece you might be surprised by a lot of plate smashing. Also, the newly married couple participates by joining their guests in a really fun and traditional dance party. Over in India get ready to be busy for a few days since a Hindu wedding service can last for 3 to 5 days or even longer! And after that the reception happens. Lastly, if you got married in Cuba, a cool tradition there is one where all men who dance with the bride after the service must pin money to her dress to help her and her new spouse pay for their wedding. That is so cool!

So, a good idea, especially if you want something a little different for your own wedding ceremony, would be to research what happens at traditional weddings from different countries all around the world such as the examples we've listed above. Then, if any of their traditional post wedding activity ideas really grabs your attention, why not model some of those ideas and activities and use them in your own after the wedding party ceremony and do them with your own guests? 

Themes are very popular with many wedding parties. Especially if you want something out of the ordinary and not just the basic run-of-the-mill wedding. Many wedding couples  choose a theme for their after wedding party festivities too. Have you thought about a roaring 20's party complete with flapper girls, art deco decorations, gangsters and more? Or maybe a murder mystery theme with entertainers playing the parts of detective trying to solve the crime during the reception? What about a 70's themed dance with disco music playing all night long? Or, how about a down home kind of party with a BBQ feast complete with a country band, line dancing and more?

If dancing is more your thing and you really want to get your groove on after the wedding, what about having a silent disco where your guests can boogie oogie oogie and dance the night away and manage to have a conversation without screaming at each other over the usual loud music too? How about karaoke? If karaoke is a thing the newlyweds do often with their friends, then why not have a karaoke battle at your after the wedding party? Or how about an ocean environment beachy setup like shark week, LOL, if the wedding theme is super eco-friendly? Let the creative juices flow and see what you can come up with.

Singing Machine - THE #1 BRAND IN KARAOKE

Celebrities often choose to post their own wedding festivity ideas and parties on social media after their ceremonies are over. They tend to share their own themed receptions with loads of photos in an effort to make their big wedding day a lot more unusual and interesting and to get more coverage on Instagram or other social media properties. Getting their fans to talk about them is ultimately what they want and by sharing their day with them they manage that, plus, it gives all their friends and guests a more interactive part in the ceremony. The more unusual and off-the-wall the activities, the better in most cases for celebs.

How about renting a photo booth for your guests? In many cases you can rent these and they come with all the equipment that you need and you get to keep them for a few days which includes time before and after your wedding so you have time to pack it all up and ship it all back. If you rent these from you can also add a printer to print out pictures for your guests at an additional charge. Or if you want to, you can choose to keep the entire process digital. Everything you need is included and setup is very easy.

Maybe you will want to make one of the dances in the after the wedding party event even more special by dropping balloons from the ceiling as the newlyweds kiss at the end or by having everyone in attendance participating in a line dance or singalong whenever a particular song plays. Why not hire a theme band, magicians or professional dancers to entertain the guests throughout the day and give your friends something to talk about for years to come?

And getting entertainers for your wedding party doesn't have to be that expensive if you think outside of the box a little. Why not contact your local college or university music and theatre departments and see if they have any budding magicians or other kinds of entertainers. Why not hire a small jazz band, string ensemble or brass quartet to play for a few hours at your event? In that way, they get job references to add to their resume and you can pay them much less than a professional would charge.

And you don't have to do everything at the beginning of your party either. In fact, sometimes several of the most fun post wedding festivity ideas happen near the end, right as the wedding party is winding down. But if plan your party right you can have things happening all night long to keep the guests happy and busy. It's a good idea to have at least 2 or 3 different things going on throughout the night to keep everyone at your reception entertained.

Another inexpensive idea but loads of fun would be to set up a photo opportunity table of your own with all sorts of props on it right in front of a photo backdrop on the wall which could be just about anything. You could get cheap toys (guns, hats), signs, wigs, costume jewelry and other wedding photo prop items for people to pose with in front of the backdrop. The guests could mix and match the props and take all the pictures they want to using their own smartphones. Then they could share them with their friends online and with the wedding couple via social media or email when the event is all over. What an interesting wedding photo book that would be!!

Wrinkle free backdrop

In the end, the best suggestion we can give you here is to urge you to make the time, especially during, or just after, the meal while all your guests are still seated, to go around to each table and thank each and every guest individually for coming to your celebration. Be genuine and be gracious - after all, there are loads of other places they could be and instead they chose to spend this time with you - so let them know you appreciate them for coming and are happy that they are here.

Did you know that the wedding couple often visits each guest attending the post wedding meal in a lot of different countries all over the world? It's true. But what we like about this ritual the most is that the couple takes the time to actually connect with their guests, if only for a moment, during all the busy post wedding activities. This time is where the newlyweds receive gifts most often too - normally in the form of money.  Essentially, the bride and groom visit everyone and relays their thank you's to their guests in person as they receive envelopes filled with cash.

Just keep in mind that there is almost an endless amount of after the wedding event ideas that you can do to make your own wedding party an event to remember.  As a couple, you don’t just have to follow the regular old process of a having a feast of some kind and then a festive dance. If you both think of some activities that you enjoy doing with friends I am sure your after the wedding party will be a day or night that is full of cool, creative, fun and memorable things to do. 

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