Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

Some of the best cheap wedding reception ideas we can offer all you Fabulous Brides are based on the list we have created for you below. From our research, not only are these some of the most affordable options we could find for you to use as far as planning and creating your own wedding or bridal party receptions, but these businesses also have some of the nicest reception material options to choose from as well concerning colors, sizes and more. Just check out the list below depending on what your wedding reception needs are. And we will add more suppliers as we find them.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas & Supplies

1) Cheap Wedding Table Runners - Table runners can come in many colors and patterns and material types too and are the perfect thing to dress up wedding reception tables fast. If you check out the selection here, due to bulk ordering and wholesale prices, you will be very happy with whatever you choose. And if you want to look at closeout table runners, here you go!

2) Wedding Napkins Cheap - The best thing about the luncheon sized napkins offered here is that they are half way between the larger sized dinner napkins and the small beverage sized napkins that you often get at take out restaurants. They are versatile and come in black, white and many other colors which should fit in perfectly with most wedding color schemes and come in 2 and 3 ply.

3) Cheap Wedding Centerpiece Ideas - Here are several cheap choices to use as wedding centerpieces depending on what your theme is. From basic black, to beach or floral to rustic, and many others, you should be able to find something that would work for your ceremony easily. And since these are sold in bulk you will save even more.

4) Cheap Wedding Tablecloths - The choice of tablecloths you will find here is pretty extensive and since they are at wholesale prices you will definitely save money. They offer many colors, shapes, material choices and give you the opportunity to mix and match choices if you want to. As far as cheap wedding reception ideas go, you will be smiling from ear to ear as you check out selection of disposable table skirts and table rolls too.

5) Cheap Wedding Plates - What kind of plates will the bride and groom choose to feed all their wedding guests on? Check out the cheap wedding plate choices here and I think you will be quite happy with what you see. You can choose from paper or plastic disposable plates in all sorts of colors, sizes, themes, shapes and designs.

6) Affordable Wedding Cups - Depending on your budget and needs, you can easily choose from disposable tumblers, cups, glasses or stemware made of paper or plastic. So whether you are drinking, wine, champagne, beer, tea, soda or something else all together, you can choose whatever drinkware you need and clean up will be so easy. 

7) Classic Table Placemats - One of the things that can dress up a table setting in a flash, is by using simple table placemats. You can choose solid colored ones or ones that have and embellishment or design on them. Either way, these disposable placemats can really dress up your wedding reception depending on what you choose. They also come made of paper, plastic or other materials - whatever you like best.

8) Wedding Cutlery - An important part of any meal is the right kind of cutlery. Choose well and you will not even notice but if you choose the wrong kind you will be reminded of it over and over. Here you can choose individual pieces or pre-sorted sets. Plus, they come in all sorts of colors - even metallic. And made of wood or plastic too. These are one of my favorite cheap wedding reception ideas.

9) Cheap Wedding Backdrops - Depending on the theme of your wedding you can choose from multiple wedding backdrops to make your theme even more fun, classic or whatever you are going for! And backdrops make the perfect fun accessory for photo booth fun. Get more than one if you want, add some cool props and your guests will entertain themselves for hours on end!

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