Cheap Wedding Sparklers Add Magic
to Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are dramatic occasions and cheap wedding sparklers are a perfect addition to make these events even more breathtaking. Especially if the newly wedded couple plans to make their exit from the reception party in the twilight or darker hours of the night. I don’t know about you, but whenever I think of weddings and fireworks, or sparklers in this case, magic comes to mind - and what could be more perfect than the combination of these two elements at this miraculous ceremony.

Cheap wedding sparklers are just one more popular wonderful accessory to make an extraordinary day even more wonderful. And just think about how great your exit send off wedding pictures will be with the addition of these tiny magical fiery sparklers. Just imagine the photo imagery of the newlyweds as they share a single kiss while passing through two lines of friends and family holding tiny torches above them in a moment of solidarity, love, fun and pure celebration. The drama of that moment alone would make so many fantastic wedding images you have to agree.  :~)

Wedding Sparklers USA

Sparklers are really popular - who wouldn’t want to have them at their wedding celebration? The guests love these tiny fireworks and the camera loves them too - especially at night. Plus, they are a wonderful way to make your pictures stand out and look super unique. As a wedding favor, these hand held fire lights can be used to make your wedding service photos even more memorable if you purchase the smokeless ones. And just think of the opportunities your photographer could capture - all sorts of stills of your family and guests smiling and having fun with these cheap wedding sparklers.

The Best Cheap Wedding Sparklers We Could Find

Wedding Sparklers, 13-36 Inch Sizes

For Outdoor Use Only

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers, 24 Pack

Smokeless in 6 Packs

14 Inch Wedding Sparklers, 72 Pack

1 Minute Sparkle Time and Smokeless

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

4 Minute Sparkle Time and Smokeless

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers, 48 Pack

Smokeless Wedding Sparklers

Heart Wedding Sparklers, 72 Pack

Six Dozen Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

36 Inch Wedding Sparkler & Lighter Bundle

4 Minute Sparkle Time and Smokeless with butane torch lighter, 96 - 240 Sparklers

If you do find any cheap wedding sparklers above that you are interested in purchasing just click on the photo or link for more information. Best for outdoor use, please check with your venue before buying any sparklers to make sure that they are OK to use there. If it is OK make sure you buy extras for your guests and have plenty of extra lighters.