Custom Wedding Cake Topper Options For You

Hey brides! Do you want a custom wedding cake topper for your own wedding cake? Tired of the ordinary options out there? I can completely understand your dilemma. But if you decide to just use the same old cake toppers you can find in many of the party or craft stores out there then you will probably have no problem finding something for your wedding cake - but it will certainly not have that unique, one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality thing going for it.

I'm sure you realize by now just how many individual kinds of things there are to think about as far as wedding food and especially wedding cakes go - you know what I mean, things like what style, what flavor, what colors, fondant or buttercream, how much do we need and so on and so on. In fact, there are so many decisions to be made about that one thing, the wedding cake, that some couples leave this simple decision concerning wedding cake toppers unanswered until the last minute and then it is just too late to get a personalized cake topper. 

But if you are planning ahead ever so often you’ll find a couple who really wants something so truly unique that it really represents them and their personality and character completely. Does this describe you and your spouse to be? Are you on the lookout for something truly unique to sit atop your special wedding day dessert? For example, are either one of you in the military? Check out the military couple below. Feel free to click on that image, or any of the images on this page, if you want more details.

How Do I Order a Custom Wedding Cake Topper?

Have you ever thought about getting a custom made bobblehead cake topper? These are so popular now and come in loads of different poses and sometimes with different props depending on which one you choose. Are you into sports like skiing, or scuba diving? There are custom bobbleheads for that. What would you think about having a figurine of a couple walking down stairs from their own home sitting atop your wedding cake that looked just like you two? Or maybe a couple relaxing in a hot tub if that's more your speed (see below)?

These kinds of custom bobblehead wedding cake toppers are completely different in every way from those traditional old cake toppers you see all over the place. So, if you want something super unique, something only you two have as a couple, and something that will be a heirloom in the future for your family, order one. And most importantly, this will be something to help you remember how young and thin you both once were once upon a time, LOL. Then you need to order yourselves one of these right away.

Just make sure that you do plan ahead and give yourself plenty of time when you order one of these custom wedding cake topper figures for yourself since these do take some time to create - think 3 months or so at the least to give the company time to make one of these for you. That is unless you want to pay extra for a rush job plus extra for super fast delivery too because you waited too long to order. Remember, whenever you get anything custom made it will take extra time so be sure to factor that time into your wedding schedule to make sure that it will be a fit for you.

Keep in mind that you will need to make some choices before you order one of these. Nowadays, no matter what kind of theme you have planned for your wedding, you can probably order a custom wedding cake topper that will give your cake that special touch that you want to share with your guests. Many engaged couples enjoy choosing a bobblehead cake topper that is specifically designed just for them to share the uniqueness of their love and relationship plus their favorite sports team or activity too such as watching the walking dead show, hiking, cooking, riding motorcycles or just being a regular old bad-ass! 

It’s important to remember whenever you're having a custom cake topper custom made, that you keep in mind the size and design of the wedding cake that you will have at your wedding. You don't want to get a cake topper that is way too large or small for your cake. If you decide to choose any kind of other figurine as part of your topper, there are artists who can design the figurines to use your own facial features too - including hair and eye color - and these lovely figurines are designed in a way that your personality as a couple shines through as well.

You can order a bobblehead custom wedding cake topper in many shapes and several sizes too. Why not get one that is a reflection of your lifestyle as a couple, your occupation, hobbies or any shared interests you two share. If you wanted to you could commission a custom cake topper design for you that shares a historic moment in your relationship, such as your very first date, when you two first met or even the proposal day - just about whatever you want can be custom created. You could even add your pet to the cake topper design if that is what you wanted to!

Some of our favorite cake toppers are bobblehead dolls if you want something more whimsical and fun. But if you are looking for something more lifelike and serious, even in 3D if you want, these kinds of 3D cake toppers can be designed and created for you as a unique way to decorate your cake. And they do not have the super big heads like the bobbleheads dolls do but these 3D figurines are shaped in every way like you!

Whichever sentiment you'd like to share with your loved ones on your wedding day can be decided by simply making a few choices on these custom wedding cake topper sites and by sending in a few really good photos of the couple getting married. The 3D cake toppers are made in every way to be more of a match to your skin color, body shape, hair color, etc, but you will be wearing the same clothing type as in the model you have chosen to use. Does that make sense? If not, please visit My3DSelfie to learn more about their process.

When deciding on your own 3D custom wedding cake topper, your one of a kind masterpiece cake topper, almost anything is possible. You can choose from many different more traditional designs or poses - including pets or fantasy type figurines too. If I were you I would definitely look at all the custom design ideas and options on the website and see what you can come up with when ordering your own custom wedding cake topper - be it bobblehead style or more lifelike and in 3D. Have fun shopping for your custom cake topper!  :~)

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