DIY Wedding Invitations

Hello, Fabulously Frugal Brides! Below are several sample DIY wedding invitations for you to consider choosing for your own. I'm sure if you have checked on any professional printing prices for invitations, save the date cards and other printed materials and stationaries for your wedding that you have found out just how expensive a little colorful ink and a few pieces of paper can truly be, LOL.  :~)

 A Few DIY Wedding Invitations

Top Tip: To print these out yourself, make sure that you give yourself plenty of time. For one thing it will take a lot of time to physically print them out. So, it's a good idea to make sure that you factor in extra time too just in case you run out of printer ink or paper stock, envelopes, your printer dies or something else and you have to go get more supplies as you are making your physical printed wedding invitations.

Not to mention, give yourself at least about 8 weeks advance time, or more, to get these ready to mail out for your guests in advance of the wedding date so they have plenty of time to receive these in the mail and schedule your ceremony into their busy lives. And on top of that make sure that you add in your printing time to your mailing time also when getting your DIY wedding invitations all ready so you will have a better idea of when you need to get stated on these. Best advice - do it as soon as possible!

DIY Wedding Invitations Can Save You Money

I have picked for you several wedding invitation design examples below which hopefully may give you some ideas for the kinds of looks that you want to use for your own ceremony. Maybe from all of the examples below you will find the one you really want to use. I will do my best to mix the colors, patterns and design choices here to give all you wonderful ladies some of the best available choices to start with when printing from home.

If you are still unsure about printing your own wedding information handouts and need a little more assistance, we have also created a page with tips on a 4 stage DIY printing process for you to guide you through the basics of printing out your own wedding invitations. But in the end, if you decide the process is not worth it to you because of the time that it takes, because you just don't feel comfortable in doing it yourself or because it is really not saving you any money you can always find a printer online or an actual brick and mortar business that will be more than willing to help you create your dream wedding materials.

Here are a few DIY wedding invitations for you - click on them to learn more 

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