How About a Flash Wedding?

A flash wedding is one of the newer trendy ways that couples are choosing to get married. You might not be familiar with this type of wedding, but using the word flash in the name is just exactly how it sounds. Basically, a flash wedding is a wedding ceremony - but done in a flash! Fast! In a hurry! Quick and speedy! And in many cases the guests don’t know exactly what is about to take place when they arrive so there is that air of mystery involved too. 

Plus, these kinds of services can be a whole lot of fun for everyone because they are just so fast and different! How would you feel about having a wedding that was completely pulled together and finished in the blink of an eye - in under 15 minutes or so max? Nothing like those ceremonies that often take hours and hours! And how do you think your guests would feel about this kind of service? I imagine most of them would be amazed and awed at the possibility of being at something so new and different! 

Another term for a flash wedding that you might have heard of is called a pop up elopement. I call them "condensed weddings," LOL! To have one of these kinds of wedding ceremonies there isn't a great deal of planning involved compared to the planning that goes on with a traditional ceremony that may take months or years to plan. Plus, the time involved in having the actual ceremony is usually under 15 minutes! Best of all, the money savings are incredible compared to a traditional service. You can easily have your own flash wedding created for anywhere from $500 - $1000 or so - depending on what options you choose.

Do you know the best thing about having a flash wedding? There are so many perks to having one of these kinds of ceremonies but the best thing is that you get to get married quickly, where and when you want and you’re done in less than an hour!

Wedding planning can be a process filled with lots of stress and so many couples get caught up in the “once in a lifetime” craze that they overspend too. Then this traps them in a pile of debt right from the start of their marriage adding even more to their stress. In fact, a recent article I read in listed the average amount spent on a traditional wedding for this past year to be about $30,000.

There are so many other things you could do with that $30,000:

  1. put a down payment on a house,
  2. buy a nice car,
  3. start a savings account,
  4. put money aside for your kids,
  5. take several vacations 
  6. or many other things.

There is really no need to go into that kind of debt. In other words, there are many kinds of ways to get married that are far cheaper. And maybe this is one option for you and your future spouse to consider. Remember my friend Amy that I told you about before? Her first wedding over 15 years ago cost just over $30,000 on credit cards and it took her over 7 years to pay it off - and she did this all alone. Why? Because she got divorced less than 2 years later. So, just take this information as you will.

Flash Wedding Tips

So, how do you do have a flash wedding? To the guests attending, these can seem quite spontaneous in nature. But the real truth is, to all those behind the scenes, where all the planning is taking place, this is very far from the truth. But let’s dig into this a bit further. Basically there are two major ways that you can get the ball rolling if you decide to have a flash wedding of your own. 

  1. You can choose someone to be your flash wedding planner, also called an elopement planner, who does all the behind the scenes stuff for you as a couple or 
  2. You can just find someone who will perform the wedding ceremony for you as the couple getting married and then you two take care of all the rest of the details yourselves.

So, no matter whether you are choosing to be married in some traditional way, or if you choose to have a flash wedding, all the wedding details that have to be done are still the same either way. You will still need to have a marriage license if you want this to be a legal union unless you are just having a ceremony for some reason and don’t care if it is legal or not at that time. Plus, if you wanted to do an activity right before or right after the wedding, think how much fun that could be!

Next, if you decide to have a flash wedding then you might want to seriously consider hiring a wedding planner and maybe even a flash mob organizer to have the smoothest event possible. After all, they do this for a living so they already know a lot of things to do before problems arise to save you loads of time and effort. When you get married traditionally it takes months and you have loads of time to catch things that you might have missed throughout the process. Just imagine now, having to make all those decisions in just a fraction of the time. Remember, we call these condensed weddings for a reason! Do you think you could do it all without making several mistakes? 

If not, this is where the wedding planner can save you over and over and help make your wedding a big success. They know all of the places where a flash wedding is not allowed and how to find out if they are or aren't allowed depending on restrictions. They also know how to get prepared for the wedding in a snap compared to traditional planning times, how to perform the ceremony even if a crowd gathers out of the blue and loads of other information to help plan and complete your flash wedding smoothly. 

Who wants to worry about booking venues months or even years in advance? Or worry about the capacity of people that can ft within a certain building and dealing with all the fire laws and city ordinances? If you decide to have a flash wedding, they don’t work the same way as a traditional wedding service. In fact, if you choose to have a flash wedding, some couples have gotten married in a church, on a nature trail at a particular park, in famous museums or wherever the couple chooses - maybe even at their own home

Usually these weird or unusual locations the wedding couple chooses to have the service at has some significant meaning to them - such as the place where they first met, where they shared their first kiss or maybe even where the wedding proposal took place. Guests showing up at any of these locations might think they are meeting the couple for one reason but are sweetly surprised to find themselves there at your impromptu wedding instead.

The planner will be in charge of creating your wedding plan and executing it all for you. The planner will check locations, dates, times and other information for you to make sure that your ceremony goes as smoothly as possible. You don’t want to wade through hundreds of tourists or other people on your wedding day in case another event was happening simultaneously because you did not plan ahead. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to make sure that no other major event was scheduled to be happening in the place where you wanted to get married. 

Once all your multiple decisions are made all that you have to do is show up at the location. Once everyone is there your planner will either perform the ceremony for you or will have someone else there who can handle it for you. So don’t plan a huge crowd of guests to meet you at your location as this will probably not go over well with local businesses, but plan for a smaller intimate group of friends or family. This is all that you need for the event to go as smoothly as possible. 

So as you plan your own flash wedding, remember, it really should just be you, your spouse-to-be, the person officiating the ceremony and a very intimate group of friends and family members. Oh, yeah - clothes? Who cares what you wear - it’s your choice. Casual or elegant, tux and gown, cosplay superhero costumes, modern, vintage, beach wear, shorts and flip flops - it’s all your choice. In most cases, the choice of clothing will depend on what you plan to do after the flash wedding ceremony is over. 

Next, what about photos? As far as traditional weddings go, this is a big deal. The same can be said for a flash wedding too because everyone wants to commemorate your special day with lots of photographs. If you hired a flash wedding planner company talk to them about what will be done photography wise for your ceremony. You want as many great photographs of the bride and groom and your surprise guests as possible.

You could also hire a photographer and/or a videographer separately to capture the entire service for you. Since you won’t be using them for a whole day, but only for a few hours, your photography costs should be very reasonable as compared to the cost of a traditional wedding photographer. And you could also ask your guests with smart phones to take pictures for you too that they can share with you via social media, email, etc. Or, if you plan ahead you could pass out some of those cheap disposable cameras to various people in your wedding party to take pictures of the day with and then collect them when your event is over to have developed later. What a cool picture book that could be!

So, what about other things such as music, dancers, choreographers, etc., etc.? You definitely need to discuss all of these details with your flash wedding planner if you hired one. DJ’s, sound systems, dancers and all that are not conducive to all locales. Plus, in some instances you may need permits legally to have your ceremony in a particular location. If you hired an experienced wedding coordinator with a great reputation then they will know what to do in all these situations and more. 

Lastly, don’t wait until the last minute to decide to have a flash wedding. Even though these happen so much faster than a traditional wedding, typically these need about 12 weeks or so to fully plan, compared to a year or longer for a traditional wedding. Even so, you can rush them through and plan one in under a month but you’re probably talking more money because of the rush fees that would be involved. 

My favorite thing about the flash weddings is not that they are so trendy but of all the ways you can get married, I think it is a wonderful choice because of the speed in which they happen. For the couple that wants to have a memorable wedding ceremony quickly, wants less stress during the whole experience and, best of all, wants to save money for other things that they need in their new lives together such as a down payment on a home, you couldn't choose any better.

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