Funny Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

A funny wedding cake topper can be just the perfect thing to set off your wedding cake - especially if you and your partner have a great sense of humor. Even though you hear over and over that true love is what makes the world go around, I feel that it is also important to remember that it is humor that helps to keep everything working together fluidly. Joy, fun, happiness, delight and laughter all go hand in hand if you ask me and make any day - even a big moment like a wedding day - an ever more pleasurable and momentous occasion.

While it is true that weddings should be beautiful and significant, it does not have to mean that everything about a wedding day has to be so earnest and serious. Every couple getting married should introduce some lighthearted moments into their ceremony. In fact, those are often the moments that are most talked about later.

You can easily have a certain kind of toast or a special video or pictures sharing loved ones who didn't attend the service, but you can also add a touch of humor to your ceremony by incorporating a funny wedding cake topper atop your lovely wedding cake such as a cute pair of dinosaurs getting hitched if you are both into prehistoric animals!

A Few Funny Wedding Cake Topper Examples

A funny wedding cake topper is a great way to share the couples sense of humor with their guests. Those people who have come to share in your ceremony and help you to celebrate your union will all see what you have chosen to be the cake topper of choice for you both.  This is a great opportunity for your friends and family to be eyewitnesses to the beginning of your new life together as a married couple. And if you think about it laughter is a fantastic way to start that new chapter in both your lives. What about having a quarantine themed cake topper with the bride and groom wearing masks.

No matter what you choose to commemorate, be it something that has a very private meaning that only you and your spouse one will understand, or if it is something your whole family can laugh about such as the groom being a firefighter and that is how the couple first met, a funny wedding cake topper will be the perfect addition to decorate your wedding cake. 

There are many pre-made wedding cake toppers out there that are quite funny - many of them involves figurines that have couples in love where the bride is obviously dragging a bit reluctant and scared groom toward the altar or the maybe super strong groom is carrying the bride to the place where they will get hitched. Or the old as time, ball and chain cake topper? How about a bride about to kiss a frog cake topper?

Funny wedding cake toppers can be almost anything that makes you laugh. If the two of you share a special moment of humor or a private, or not so private, joke then sometimes this event can be purchased to immortalize that very thing. For example, what if both members of the wedding couple are in a band? There is a wedding cake topper for that situation. But in some cases, depending on what your plan is, you may have to opt out to have a custom made wedding cake topper made just for you two to fit your needs.

But sometimes newlywed couples prefer to choose funny wedding cake toppers where the humor is a bit different. Have you seen any of those cake toppers with the couple getting married now in various poses give each other a "we did it" kind of high five? How about the cake toppers where the bride and groom are interesting characters of some type like a knight in shining armor and a princess, or a pair of zombie newlyweds or maybe a humorous cake topper where the beautiful bride is a meatball or hamburger and so is the groom? Or maybe they are huge Simpsons cartoon fans and wanted to Marge and Homer Simpson-ized!

In other instances a funny wedding cake topper can also be a wonderful way to showcase any shared hobbies, activities or interests the couple share such as skiing, motorcycle riding, golfing or fishing. If you choose the right one cake toppers can also be a humorous acknowledgement sharing an every day habit with your guests such as a pair of bride and groom figurines illustrating the happy couple talking on the cell phone while standing at the altar! If you are both big sports fans there are loads of funny sports themed cake toppers too - including ones where the bride tackles the groom, the bride pulling the groom away from the TV and many other poses.

Of course, not all wedding cake toppers have to have any figurines of the couple at all to be a part of the design which makes them so hilarious. In fact, some cake toppers can simply be various items that are humorous to your family - such as your lovely pet German Shepherd dogs, colorful rubber ducks decked out in bride and groom garments or a pair of horseshoes with a veil on one and a cowboy hat on the other. So no matter whatever your sense of humor is as far as being a couple goes, or whatever noteworthy private jokes you share with your partner, I have no doubt that you can find a funny wedding cake topper for the pair of you that will add just the right touch of laughter to your wedding ceremony on your big day. 

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