A Few Gift Basket Wedding Gift Ideas

A gift basket wedding gift can be the perfect thing when you want to present the newly married couple with a cool gift. Gift baskets are one of those things that can be adapted to fit the needs of any occasion or any person if the person making the gift uses a little imagination, some sneaky research and a little creativity to create the present. You can also buy ready made gift baskets too but what's the fun in that if you have the time to do it yourself? Plus, pre-packaged gift basket packages usually cost more for less items and it will not have the cool personalization that one made from scratch will.

As I mentioned before there are loads of places that you can purchase gift basket wedding gift items pre-made from, both online and in store. Yes, they are professionally done and they do look great. And yes, they are often made up within all sorts of interesting containers or in all sorts of cool themes, but don't you think a homemade wedding gift basket created by you might send a better message to the couple? Maybe that you're thinking of them and wanted to take the time to gift them a little of yourself too?

Plus, a homemade gift basket wedding gift made by you is often times a lot cheaper than one of those that you could have picked up online or in a store.  Also, it has handpicked items for the couple that you chose instead of the same old thing that everyone gets when they buy one of those pre-made gift baskets - so you can customize it to fit the couple exactly, down to their favorite brands of Hawaiian coffee, you name it. Plus, they can be so much fun to make if you have the time and are creative making handmade items into wonderful, thoughtful gifts.

If you make anything homemade yourself, such as foods, drinks, soaps, etc., these are all great examples of items that you might want to include in the gift basket you are making here too. Choose a theme if you can, based on their mutual hobbies, things they are interested in or maybe even a big event coming up in their lives. You can spend as much or as little as you want since this item is going to be unique to you and them but make sure that whatever you end up with, that it is something you are proud to gift them and something that they can really use or something they really want.

Whenever you personalize any kind of gift basket wedding gift just remember that it says something about you too - and you don't want that message to be "cheapskate"! It would be so much better if the gift you give them said that you took the time, thought and effort to make something unique for them because they are both special to you. If you can keep this rule in mind the new couple will be pleased with the wedding gift basket you give them no matter what is in it.

How to Make a Gift Basket Wedding Gift

First of all, if I were the one making the gift basket wedding gift for the newlyweds, before I even started I would ask myself the following questions:

  1. What is my budget for this gift including the supplies to make it? 
  2. What are the couples main interests or hobbies?
  3. How old are they? 
  4. What kind of couple - Man and woman or same sex?

Now is the time to do some pre-planning before you jump head first into making this new gift basket wedding gift. Use your imagination and see what you already have, or will make, to put into the gift basket. Thinking about the hobbies the couples are into will make this so much simpler. For example, thinking about the container that will hold all the items, if the couple are outdoorsy and really into camping maybe you could put all your gift items into a ultralight camping cook pot, or if they are both fishermen maybe you could use a large tackle box to house all your gift items, or if they are horse lovers and ride a lot, maybe you could use a cowboy boot or a cowboy hat as the basket to hold everything in?

If none of those container ideas work for you, you can always use a basket. Wicker baskets are super easy to use, can be found in loads of stores, they come in all sorts of sizes and prices and also come in colors too sometimes. Also, these can be found at yard sales for super cheap if you don't already have one of your own that you can use. Putting on your thinking cap again, you might come up with a few more creative ideas for containers for your gift basket wedding gift such as plastic buckets, flower pots, colanders or baking bowls. Just be careful whatever kind of materials they are made of because you don't want your gift basket to get broken because you chose the wrong thing.

Once you've chosen your theme and your container it's time to make or buy the items you will be putting into your container. Just keep the size of the basket or other container type in mind as you buy the other items to put inside the main container. Depending on the size of the container and the sizes or the individual items you can probably easily fit 3 - 5 items inside easily. Use shredded filler paper if possible to fill in the bottom of the basket. You can make it yourself if you have a paper shredder or you can buy it ready made at most craft or dollar stores any time. 

Next, place your biggest item in the center of the container so that it is easily seen and then add all additional gift items around it as best you can. Fill in blank spaces with the shredded paper and shift items as needed until your gift basket looks good to you and the items are stable as to where you have placed them. Remember, you don't want any loosey goosey items wiggling around all over the place and getting broken so use the combination of shredded paper, clear tape, rubber bands or a glue gun to keep everything as stable as possible. Plus, an over stuffed basket looks so much nicer than one that is barely filled, no matter what is inside.

Now it's time to wrap it all up and make it all look pretty! So set your container filled with all the smaller gifts inside a larger cellophane bag, which you can find at many stores or online, and tie it all up using a great big brightly colored bow. Make sure everything is stable and doesn't move around too much. And if the items are really heavy you might want to double or triple cellophane bag it just to be safe! Plus, I would carry it with at least one hand underneath it at all times just in case the bag(s) broke. Better safe than sorry!  Lastly, if you can, add some colored streamers to hang down the sides and add your gift card to the package so they will know who the gift is from.


Remember, don't be sloppy and be as neat as you can when putting on the final touches because it will make a difference in how the final product will look. And now you are all ready to give the newlyweds that wonderful homemade gift basket wedding gift that you just created with them in mind. If you want to add extra decorative touches you can, it's all up to you. Make something that you would be proud to receive, make it as neat as possible and everyone else will want you to make one for them too, LOL! Gifts like this are perfect for everyone no matter what age or gender!

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