Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas Are Unique

Looking for Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas? Making a homemade wedding gift is its own unique way of telling someone, or in this case 2 people, that you love and care for them and think that they are special. It is also a creative way to say thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day ceremony. No matter the reason, the act of giving gifts is something that we all enjoy to do even though times might be tougher right now and maybe your budget is already stretched beyond its limit. 

So, exactly what things can you do to make this particular gift giving experience fit into your budget and still be something that you will feel proud to give away to the newlyweds? Why don’t you take a few minutes and look at just a few different ways we can accomplish this goal of giving the best wedding gift possible for the lowest price and adding in a bit of our own special talents in as well to the unique wedding present. 

My favorite? It would have to be a homemade wedding gift for sure. Why? I think these unique homemade wedding gift ideas are some of the best gifts of all primarily because of the whole personalization and uniqueness factor. These kinds of gifts depend a lot on your particular skillset and God given talents. But other items can be created too with just a little bit of creativity, artistry and imagination. So, just how crafty are you? 

Examples of Homemade Wedding Gift Ideas

A few of the ideas for homemade wedding gift items might range from an item you’ve sewn or knitted yourself such as scarves, a handmade quilt or maybe even some cool matching sweaters. And a great place to shop for knitting or crochet supplies or any kinds of craft supplies is at Michaels. Other ways you might gift an item you have made yourself could be in the form of handcrafted jewelry of some sort - wood art is another fabulous item that could be a special gift showing off your skills, sharing a gift you made with someone you love and making them happy too.

Another under utilized item are frames. These homemade wedding gift ideas can be super special if you put a little time and effort into them. Why not blow up and frame a photo of you and the couple doing something in particular? Maybe you are all caught in action on a rafting trip, or riding a roller coaster at a theme park or on a trip to your favorite Mexican beach? Shadow boxes are also very good to use if you have several thicker 3D sorts of objects you want to include. 

Michaels Framing

Picture frames are one of those things that aren’t that difficult to find and purchase or redo and create as something unique. Once you get them the process of taking cheaper frames and then personalizing it with your choice of items such as paint, glitter, shells, brass corners or nameplates including the names, dates or place of the photo can be so much fun. Personalized gifts like these are always appreciated.

Another homemade wedding gift items category is personalized calendars. These are so easy to make and are created from photos you already have (or someone else has) taken all through the years. Plus, these are fairly inexpensive overall and can be made online or at many stores throughout the country. And to make it even more special you can add birthdays or anniversaries and other special dates inside to help the couple remember. This is a great gift that can be used all year round.


Something along the frame line of thought, but not really, would be creating a unique photo book. These are wonderful gifts and can easily be created by collecting photos of the couple, the wedding ceremony or family and friends and creating a book of pictures. And if you make them about a topic or theme such as nothing but behind the scene pictures from the wedding, pictures of the couple over the years before they got married, etc, these all make wonderful gifts. Ask the family, the Moms, best friends and others for favorite and unique pictures of the couple and there you go. Everything you need for a cool picture book that is unique to them can be put together with a little time.

If you have a green thumb, and plants are an item that you grow yourself, these can be a terrific present that is both inexpensive and very thoughtful too. And you can buy them too if you prefer. Green plants or flowers, it doesn’t really matter which, are both great selections. But if you want to gift a plant as a wedding gift and make it easier on yourself too, a good idea might be to choose a smaller plant or flower in a pretty pot wrapped up with a colorful bow. And go a few steps further by including tips on how to take care of this plant including watering and feeding instructions. If you don’t want to use real plants you could also use nice artificial or silk flowers - just don’t buy ones that don’t look real.

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Another homemade wedding gift ideas you might want to consider is a magazine or some other kind of monthly subscription service.  Even though these are not really homemade wedding gift ideas, you can make the subscription unique by creating a gift bag or box filled with a special letter or coupon that you have made announcing the upcoming subscription arrival. These kinds of gifts keep on giving each and every month for at least a year so it’s not like a one time only kind of gift. You will have to do a little research to see what magazine or other kind of item to order for the couple up front, but after that they’ll remember you every time they get a new copy of the magazine or their newest bottle of wine of the month and think about your thoughtfulness for the next year. 

Another great gift idea for couples, if they are readers, are books. Choosing the right book can be a real treasure to help a new couple start their life together. I would suggest you choose hard cover books first if you do have a choice but soft covers can  work as well depending on the book. To make this gift even more special getting an autographed copy from the author would be ideal. Other ideas to personalize this gift and make it more of a homemade wedding gift ideas include putting a hand written entry from you inside the book in the form of a note. Optional: if you want you can also add a bookmark to this present. 

For techie couples, computer gift ideas are good ones but might be a bit harder to use as a homemade wedding gift ideas. If you know of a computer software that they want or a game maybe, these can be great gifts. If they are learning new skills you could also give them a membership to a particular website or maybe even a tutorial on various hobbies or projects that they are interested in. If you want to actually make something for them, why not use your own computer and make personalized individual address labels for them? Everyone can use these! Personalized gifts created and gifted with love and thoughtfulness are worth so much more than an item you just bought putting no thought at all into it. 

Lastly, concerning homemade wedding gift ideas, many kinds of food or drink, bottles of wine for example, makes a great gift. Best of all are the dishes that you can actually make yourself - these make fantastic gifts, especially if you already know that this food, drink or dish is a favorite one of the couple. So how do you do this? Easy, just make whatever it is that you are best known for such as a special kind of bread, yummy jams or jellies, super tasty candies of any flavor or your families favorite cookie choice. Also, include the recipe in case they want to make more for themselves later. And once you’re done just make a gift label that says “With Love to” or something like that and decorate the package with lots of bows and ribbons and you’re done.  

Wedding gift ideas that are homemade are incredibly special and unique, mostly because they are hand crafted, created with love by a friend or family member and are one of a kind products. The people who made this item actually gifted their time, skills and own ingredients to create and share something unique for the couple getting married. This is so special. The unique thoughtfulness of a homemade gift cannot be overlooked especially at your wedding.

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