Jack and Jill Shower Favors Ideas

Jack and Jill shower favors? Do you know about these? When people have pre-wedding parties, traditionally the men have a wild party just for guys with loud music, cigars, lots of alcohol, maybe strippers or dancers and lots more drinking. Bachelorettes too sometimes have a wild night out on the town filled with liquor, dancing and even more drinking. And then there are calmer bridal showers where the bride invites lots of her friends over, they play a few games and then she receives all kinds of gifts for her upcoming nuptials.

Today, however, times have changed and sometimes the couple about to be married decide instead to host a calmer co-ed party, a joint shower that is gender-neutral, where both women and men and all their friends and family attend and then they give out Jack and Jill shower favors at the end such as a personalized votive candle, for instance. Whenever you have a bachelorette party for the ladies only or a stag party just for the guys, it is much easier to choose wedding favors to give them at the end that fit the occasion because you are are only buying for one gender. 

 What Are Jack and Jill Shower Favors?

But for the co-ed pre-wedding party, choosing wedding favor gifts for the guests are a little bit different. In this case while you arrange a co-ed party like this, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind who your guests are and to remember to give them a wedding favor that both genders, men and women, will enjoy receiving like maybe a pair of cool sunglasses. Plus, the best gifts are things your guests will actually use! These kinds of co-ed wedding favor gifts are called Jack and Jill shower favors since they are for both men and women.

Lots of times the wedding favors for guests given out at these co-ed showers are a small gift such as a box of chocolates or bag filled with sugar almonds, some nice homemade soaps or maybe even a wine bottle stopper. Jack-n-Jill wedding favors are a wonderful way of presenting your guests a keepsake to symbolize their sharing this event with you, the wedding couple. Many people who attend events like this see these small gifts as an extra special keepsake that they can cherish.

Wedding favors are also a wedding couples small way of saying thank you to each guest for the wedding present those guests just gave them. So, depending on the theme of your party, it’s always a good idea to think about making all the Jack-n-Jill wedding favors match the theme correctly. Just imagine, it would be really strange for each of your guests to receive a personalized coffee mug if your party theme is sexy lingerie.

A lot of couples who choose to host Jack-n-Jill wedding showers also decide to make their wedding favors even more special and personalize their favors so their guests will remember them, the event and all that happened. In fact, the choice of personalized items available for wedding favors today is quite vast. Just look out there and see what is available - you can now get almost everything personalized - candle tins, decorated mint tins, cute honey jars, chocolate bar wrappers for candy bars, cosmetic bags and even personalized tea bags if that’s what you want to give out.

If you don’t mind spending a little more money on your Jack-n-Jill party favors for your guests, you could always make them a one-of-a-kind wedding favors box. Inside each wedding favors box you could put a few special things like a mask, a local map, yummy candy tin, some chocolate mints, a small personalized gift such as a wine stopper and anything else that you think your guests might enjoy after the evening’s festivities are over.

Things used to be different with the brides families and friends surprising them with showers and/or bachelorette parties. Nowadays the brides and grooms normally arrange these events on their own. Once the couple arranges their Jack-n-Jill wedding parties it means they can choose to make the day any kind of theme that they want, inviting anyone that they want to attend, and offering their guests the Jack and Jill shower favors that they chose especially for the people who attended their pre-wedding party.