Monogrammed Wedding Cake Topper Types

Have you ever seen a monogrammed wedding cake topper? One of the most fun cake decisions is simply choosing a cake topper that you are both happy with. You want to choose the right cake topper that will set off your wedding cake! And in many cases, nothing sets off a wedding cake like seeing an elaborately swirly font creating the design that outlines the couples initials or full name if they choose this option. 

A Few Monogrammed Wedding Cake Topper Examples

No matter whether your cake topper is in gold, or silver or covered in rhinestones or gems, Swarovski crystals or something else all together, nothing makes a statement quite like this basic yet dramatic cake topper design. They even make some cake toppers now with lights and or music built in that provide a very dramatic effect when sitting atop your wedding cake during your reception.

Have you ever realized just how many unique kinds of wedding toppers to choose from but many couples keep choosing this elegant kind of design to adorn their wedding cake. Even so, when choosing a monogrammed wedding cake topper there are still many different types of these to choose from making the choice to find the perfect unique and personal cake topper decision just a little harder. But if it wasn't a little hard then everyone would probably have the same thing, right? And what's the fun in that?

In most cases you can choose a style you like and then the company that makes these types of cake toppers will create a unique and customized cake topper for you using your own individual initials. This way offers you loads of design choices and styles and then you just pick the one that most suits you and your sweetie. It is also a fairly simple process. For example, do you like the one with the initials in the circle or heart better? Initials only or full names? Mr and Mrs included - yes or no? Super fancy font or something plainer?

So, as you can see for yourself just by looking at a few of the examples on this page, there are all kinds of choices to be made. And then comes the question of materials. There are many to choose from - wooden, metallic, acrylic or plastic tend to be the most common. And do you want additional decorative items added to your monogrammed wedding cake topper? How about the wedding date? A short quote? What about adding a shape that is meaningful to your topper such as a dog silhouette, flowers, birds or some piece of sports equipment? The decisions can go on and on if you want to take it that far.

Do you want only one large initial just for the last name? Or do you want the initials to all be separate pieces or to be intertwined together? Does one initial need to be larger than the others? And do you want them to be blinged out with rhinestones and gems, in gold or silver or maybe a more basic black matte finish? Which brings us to color choices. Do you need to have this match your wedding colors? And will you add anything extra to the top of the cake with your cake topper?

You might not think initials would be such a big deal but once you start imagining all the design options you will begin to see just what a big decision making process this whole thing can be. More than likely, no matter what your monogrammed wedding cake topper will look like, in the end it will be a show stopper and we be a big part of your wedding memories as it will appear in quite a few of your wedding day photos. I even saw one  of these monogrammed cake toppers all painted up like an American flag in shades of red, white and blue the other day and it was so cool!

Just remember, you need to consider size when ordering your cake topper. A good idea would be to check with your baker to find out the size of the top cake tier before you order to make sure that your gold scripted cake topper will fit it properly. And then, what about time? Don't forget to factor in how long it will take to have one of these wedding cake toppers made custom for you because if it takes too long to get it made, time wise, then you will have to choose something else.

So, as you can see, a monogrammed wedding cake topper can be fairly simple in design, yet can take some time for you to choose which design shouts your love story out to all the world the best. This showpiece for your cake will be there for all to see on your wedding day so take your time and choose the color, design and type cake topper that fits you two best. I hope all you brides have fun initial cake topper shopping!