We Eloped to See Superman

by Els
(Georgia, USA)

A few years ago we eloped to Metropolis, Illinois to get married. And at that time a couple of our friends went with us and we had a small road trip from Georgia to Illinois that was quite hilarious.

Even though we're not drinkers, our two friends are, and they really had lots of fun every time we stopped to get something to eat and especially when we were staying at the hotel on the ride up and back and it was an experience that I don't think I'll ever forget.

On the ride up we drove in their small car so the four of us were packed in with all our luggage like four tiny sardines in a metal can. One of the girls that went with us had more luggage than the rest of us put together so needless to say there wasn't a lot of extra room on that trip.

But we did learn how to play a new card game while we were gone on the trip and we did have loads of laughs because the two friends who went with us were completely hilarious - especially when they were drunk - but the stories in the car on the way up and back were pretty funny too.

And they eventually introduced us to a few of their friends who came up and met us when we got married so it was certainly a trip I don't think either one of us will ever forget. It was just starting to get cold and we got married outside in a gazebo just outside of City Hall - maybe a few blocks down the street in a small park. And prior to that we went and got all our paperwork filled out at the local City Hall and all the people there were super nice to us.

But one funny thing about the city we went to was that because it was named Metropolis, which is where the Superman character lived at, that there were loads of Superman standup wooden cut-outs where you can put your face in and get your pictures made and all sorts of stores that had Superman memorabilia and all that so that's another thing that will forever stick out in my mind - that we got married where Superman lived at.

But as far as the town goes the people up they were super nice to us and the trip there and back was quite memorable - so as far as eloping went for us, we had a good time and I would encourage other people - if the situation fits to elope, you can make it a lot of fun - especially if you add a few fun friends to the mix.

We certainly did. And those are memories we will have forever.

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Aug 15, 2021
Loved the eloping story
by: Kaye

My husband and I eloped years ago. We couldnt afford Las Vegas so we went to Memphis! We ate BBQ, went to Elvis mansion and had a great visit. Sixteen years later if we had to do it all over I would elope again because it was such a positive way to start to our life together.

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