Wedding Cake Toppers Add
Personality to Wedding Cakes

Choosing wedding cake toppers is often one of those last minute details that come into play because you are just so busy making a million other decisions that you forgot all about it - even if you're having a very simple ceremony. One of the biggest decisions most couples face is deciding which type of cake topper they want for their own wedding cake in the first place. Wedding cake toppers can be serious, funny, romantic, silly, handmade or crazy intricate, but the best suggestion we can make for you here is that the cake topper you do choose for your wedding cake should match the mood and personality of the couple getting married. 

And if you do see a cake topper you like here just click on the photo to learn more about it. Years ago, choosing what to put on top of the wedding cake was not such a big deal because the choices were really very limited, but not now. The good news is that you have probably thousands and thousands of options to choose from when choosing your own wedding cake figurines. Basically, wedding cake toppers can be just about anything you want - shape, type, character, material, color - you name it.

The choice is all yours. There are specially made cake toppers for just about every style you can think of and then some more. Traditional or not, have fun choosing your wedding cake topper for your special day because this is something everyone at your ceremony will see and you will see it over and over again in so many photos of your cake and of your wedding day ceremony.

What Wedding Cake Toppers Do You Want?

One of the most popular wedding cake toppers is that of a man and woman standing side by side in various poses. These traditional Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper statues can be designed, purchased and ordered with the figures separately so you can mix and match the look and feel and even the dress of the characters that will soon adorn your wedding cake if you want to.

How about a great big 3D heart adorning the top of your cake? Do you want a military cake wedding topper? Need one with a western feel to it? You can get those for sure. Looking for funny bridal cake toppers? Yes, you can find those everywhere depending on what your sense of humor is. Looking for a same sex marriage wedding cake topper with 2 brides or 2 grooms on it? Sure, they are out there too if you need one. 

Some funny wedding cake toppers concentrate on a theme or a location, such as a beach cake topper or maybe a cake topper from a favorite destination such as the place where the proposal happened or the town where the couple first met or had their first date. And there are loads of vintage wedding cake toppers that could be made from just about anything the couple loves. Many cake toppers are popular because they are of a favorite cartoon, comic, movie or TV character. 

Next are the wedding cake toppers that make you think about certain occupations such as a doctor groom or a fireman, or maybe a nurse bride. Other favorite cake toppers center around riding or traveling in a vehicle such as a couple on a motorcycle, a couple riding on a scooter or even a couple in a favorite classic car such as a mustang or maybe even an old vintage truck. I have also seen surfboards and other modes of transportation too for certain wedding cake toppers.

Sometimes the cake topper is not really a cake topper at all but an object that has a special meaning for the couple and they select to use that object for that reason - like maybe a starfish, or a figurine of a character they both love for instance. In fact, how about a Disney wedding cake topper

Either way, choosing the right one should be a careful decision, because your cake topper will probably become a treasured memory of your special wedding day, appearing in many pictures and seen by all your wedding guests. Looking for an interracial wedding cake topper? Yes, they make those too! And some couples decide to use pictures of themselves encased in something like a custom designed frame or acrylic shape to use as their cake topper too. 

Unique Wedding Favors from

Some cake toppers are so beautiful and meticulous that they look like pristine showpieces and really have nothing to do with the more traditional figurines of a bride and groom. You can also buy cake toppers ready made that match exactly how you really feel about the wedding. But if you are looking for a unique topper no one else has ever had, then you'll certainly have to have a custom one made for you. For example, maybe you want the couples initials to be on top of the cake. Or maybe you want a 3D cake topper of you both on your cake or a bobblehead figurine cake topper. Just know that anything custom made like that will add extra time and cost to your project so be sure and plan ahead for that. 

And you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy the wedding cake topper that's perfect for you. Why? Because there are so many inexpensive cake toppers out there that you can easily find cheap wedding cake toppers at many different places if that is what you want. Most prices are $20 to $75 or so, so have fun shopping. But if you want something different from everyone else in a cake topper then you may have to pay even more for it. Just remember, whichever cake topper you do end up getting, in some way it should reflect the couples personality, relationship, hobbies, occupations, likes and dislikes as it sits up there on the wedding cake at their special wedding event. 

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