Cheap Wedding Favors Choices

Wedding favors, especially cheap wedding favors, are one of those things that you will probably need for your wedding but you may not be thinking about them right now. And don't let the word "cheap" scare you either. Just because something costs less does not mean that the quality is not as good. Finding items you want on sale is always a nice thing in my book. But they are a cool tradition that has been a wedding standard for hundreds of years and lots of people really love getting them. 

You don’t know what wedding favors are? No problem, that’s perfectly fine. We’ll help you learn more about them and how they might come in handy in your own wedding celebration right now and give you some wedding favor ideas too. The best thing about them is that they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, kinds and prices. Basically, cheap wedding favors can be just about anything but the best ones are items that really fit in with the wedding couple’s personality and something that the wedding guests will really want to receive.

Typically, these wedding accessory items are given as gifts at receptions, showers, rehearsal dinners, bride or groom parties and more. Who gets these? Most bride and grooms give these out to members of the bridal party, family members and more to thank them for their help and for being a part of the special day. And if you have a co-ed party then you can give your guests all kinds of Jack and Jill shower favors. They are also often given out as a token of appreciation to all guests at the wedding ceremony.

In the past, most brides and grooms would give out one kind of wedding favor to be passed out to all of their wedding guests. Now think about this for a minute: if you ordered a silver wine stopper to pass out to everyone, when many of the guests don't drink alcohol, then that just doesn't make good sense does it? Even though you are providing the guests with a quality wedding favor gift in this case, it is certainly one that will never be used and more than likely be left in a junk drawer forever - or it will be regifted at the first opportunity. So keep your gifts and guests in mind when choosing the best cheap wedding favor gifts.

You don’t have to be limited as to which kind of wedding favors that you buy either.  You're not relegated to only sticking with the Jordan almonds or tea candles - a one size fits all type of gift in other words. Brides today often want their wedding ceremony to be unique - even including their choice of wedding favors and gifts. For example, if you want to give the wedding family fancy large fancy compasses, the wedding party members cool mason jars and the guests a bag of personalized candies, then more power to you. It’s all your choice so pick the things you like best.

Cheap Wedding Favors For All Tastes

It's your wedding day, but you also need to cater to the tastes of all those people helping you celebrate - don’t forget your guests and everyone who helped make your big day a success. Who knows, you may even have children attending your wedding ceremony. Did you know that many companies now offer novelty items geared to younger guests, such as a Frisbee or coloring activity book that acts as a great age appropriate kids wedding favor. After all, what would a child do with the silver wine stopper example that we talked about above LOL?

Todays choice of cheap wedding favors today can range from elegant and traditional, such as porcelain trinket boxes to the more funky and whimsical - like Sailboat salt and pepper shakers or Country shot glasses. So, for a bride like yourself, you now have endless choices as to the style, type and color of your wedding favors. In fact,  the variety of wedding favor items is astronomical. 

What I like best is that there are so many choices available, no matter whether your motif is pea green or scarlet red, you can find wedding favor boxes and bags to match your wedding colors. Additionally, you can find wedding favors that range from dirt cheap to super expensive. Even yummy edible wedding favors like chocolate dipped Oreos, cool fortune cookies, fun popcorn bags, or beautifully decorated caramel apples are now popular - and also something that could be a DIY item (potentially saving you some money).

You can get everything from glasses to: candle holders, water bottles, fans, bottle openers, sunglasses, t-shirts, hand sanitizers, slippers, candles, jewelry, compacts,  keychains, cookie cutters, bags, bottle stoppers, wine charms, coasters, photo albums, curio boxes, picture frames, all types of candies and other food or drink items, cake toppers, pens, cameras, card holders, napkins and bubbles to name a few.

And yes, there are man friendly cheap wedding favors out there too. We don’t want to leave the guys out do we? Do you think they might like to get a: shot glass, flask, golf tees, pint glasses, golf tees, compass, koozie, corkscrew, bottle opener, knife, shaving kit, suspenders, luggage tag, pocket watch, beer mug, grill set, gym towel, sunglasses, robes, socks, ammo box or fun gadgets of all types? I thought so. :)

And one of the best things about wedding favors today is that personalization is offered on most of them and has become very affordable.  So now you can individualize your cheap wedding favors and personalize them to fit each family member, guest, or wedding participant depending on whatever your budget, style and time constraints are. Whether you want cake pops, candy, glasses, whiskey flasks or whatever else you choose, personalization options are quite good on many wedding favor items these days.

So as far as cheap wedding favors go, or more expensive ones if you have a larger budget and more money to spend, there are no rules set in stone on exactly how to use these at your wedding. And whether you use them or not, just keep in mind that there are lots of budget friendly options out there too like personalized drinking cups so you don’t have to break the bank when choosing these kinds of gifts. And if you have more money than time, DIY options are another choice you can use by making your own wedding favors.

Maybe you want to spend a little more money for nicer items for the members of your wedding party and then give out cheaper items to everyone else at your ceremony. Maybe you only want to give the wedding party members a gift. Maybe you choose to not pass out any cheap wedding favors to your ceremony guests or anything else at all. It’s all up to you whatever you decide. Either way, if you buy wedding favors in bulk it will save you money.

Basically, remember your budget when choosing these small gift items and let that number help you decide exactly how much you want to, and can safely spend. So, my advice to you is not to get stuck in the old mindset of having to please all of your guests with the same old wedding favor choices - you now have the option of diversifying your selection to please a wide range of guest tastes - while staying well within your budget boundaries too! Now let’s get shopping for wedding favors LOL. :)

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