Our Top Wedding Gift Ideas

Let our list of top Wedding Gift Ideas help you to choose the perfect item for your friends or family members who are about to get hitched, LOL! Our list of wedding ideas will be evergreen and listed here in no particular order, meaning that we will be adding more things to it all the time - so if you don't find the perfect item today for the couple you are shopping for, please check back later and hopefully you will find the perfect thing for them at that time. We will do our best to choose items that the couple will enjoy, can really use, are unique and does not cost an arm and a leg. :~) After all, we want you to help you save money buying wedding gifts.

We know just how hard it can be to choose the perfect wedding gift for any couple just starting their lives together. And not everyone has the time or skills to create a gift basket wedding gift from scratch - but we have loads of cool ideas for you if you want to make one yourself on that topic - just follow that link. We imagine that if you were to buy any of the items below for any "happy couple to be" that they would be so impressed by your good taste and thoughtfulness that your gift would be talked about for years to come! Not to mention the whole memorable gift issues outcome where you provide them with loads of memories for years to come - and you can't put a price on that!

So, enjoy looking through the wedding gift ideas here. This is a list of our favorite unique items - not things you can generally find sitting around on store shelves. But, on our top list of wedding gift ideas, we have included original, cool, memorable and unique products that will make the bride and groom happy. And not break the bank for you. So, enjoy looking through the items below - and if you find something that interests you just click or tap on the image of it to find more about it. Have fun shopping for wedding gifts!

Online Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

One of our favorite wedding gift ideas is also an activity and a fun adult toy too! From Nipyata, this cool burrito is no ordinary pinata. Why? Because it is filled with 15 plastic bottles of booze (50ml) such as various brands of rums, vodkas, whiskeys and tequilas. Included in the discreet package are also game instructions and equipment, and some candy too. They have many other piñatas in various colors and shapes to choose from. This is the perfect gift for couples who love to have a drink every now and then and could be a great party game anytime to share with their friends. Remember, this gift is for ADULTS ONLY!

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite wedding gift ideas of all time! Tinggly is the site. If you choose to buy the “Happily Ever After” package you are gifting the couple with an activity and an experience of their choosing. Right now there are more than 260 activities for the couple to choose from for this kit alone happening in over 100 countries. Here's how it works: 1) You buy the kit for them, 2) the couple gets the kit in the mail or via email, 3) they choose the experience they want and also the day they want to do it and then get a confirmation, 4) on they day they chose to do their activity they enjoy their chosen experience and have lifelong memories thanks to your genorosity!

The infinity pillow is a wonderful asset for anyone wanting to take a nap, especially while traveling around the world, but it is also so useful at home or work. Its unique mobius shape allows it to easily be wrapped, twisted or bunched up into whatever shape best suits the napper when you’re ready to rest for a few minutes. The only problem with these cool pillows is that if you only get one as a wedding gift for the couple they are probably going to fight over who gets to use it, LOL! 

100% Kona Coffee

If the couple about to be wed are really into coffee, then you couldn’t do any better than by getting them a package or two, or maybe three, of premium prize winning, hand picked Koa Hawaiian coffees. They offer many blends and roasts available and also your choice of whole bean or your favorite grind type. If coffee is your drink of choice then you definitely need to try out the best Hawaiian coffee available, Koa Coffee.

One of the most intimate things a newlywed couple can share is a shower or a long luxurious bath. If you want to gift them something for a very cool bath time ritual, you could do no better than choose from the paragon free, silicon free, sulfate free, cruelty free, vegan and eco conscious skin care and bath products from the folks way over in Australia at hideaway.us. These Lucious bath and body treats are available in many ways and make wonderful wedding gifts - as body oils, custards, washes, scrubs and whipped. They also offer many lovely scents and various combinations of their products in kits too - definitely check them out for something wonderful, sexy and relaxing too.

If kitchenware is on your mind, the name Mikasa probably is very familiar to you. On the Mikasa Homepage you can find the best of everything needed in the kitchen to cook, bake or make drinks with. From everyday essentials like flatware or dinnerware to beautiful glasses and home accents, Mikasa also offers some of the best kitchenware wedding gift ideas on the planet. And best of all, they have a wonderful clearance section where you can find great deals on many of their items, all day long.

Okay, so you want to buy a wedding gift for your friends that sets you part from everyone else. We can understand that. All right, so here is a wonderful artsy place with some of the nicest items with intricate details, yet still very affordable, we have ever seen. We absolutely love them but the shame is that you have probably never seen them before. Their site is called Modern Artisans! They have so many artsy gifts in so many different categories by so many talented American artisans that it will take you some time to look through all their handcrafted offerings. Have fun looking!

No matter what things you choose from the list here or inside the pages of this site you could have any of these products shipped directly to your house to gift it to them later, or if you wanted to, you could also choose to have the item sent directly to the couples home if you live out of town from them. And if you wanted to you can also always give away homemade gifts. This is a milestone moment in their lives of these 2 people and you want to do your best to choose something to make them feel special and loved.

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