Wedding Orchids Are Super Popular

When you think wedding and you think of flowers do you also think about wedding orchids? Orchids are definitely some of the most popular blooms and flower choices at weddings. Why? One of the reasons probably is because they are so versatile because they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes which makes them an easy choice to incorporate into almost any kind of wedding ceremony you may be planning.

Because they're thought to be an exotic and unique flower, orchids are a lovely bloom but do cost a little more than some flowers, or maybe a little less than others depending on what you are looking for. Florists are where you can find the majority of offerings but I have to admit I have seen them in the floral section of my local big chain grocery store on many, many occasions - so that's a good thing to know in case you get in a pinch. And just think of all the pictures you will have to gaze at these blooms for years to come!

Another great thing about orchids is that when you pair them with other items such as dried florals, calla lilies, branches, large leafy greens or even other kinds of flowers, they make some of the most beautiful and interesting bouquets for brides and bridesmaids possible. Plus, they also make some of the most beautiful wedding centerpieces or boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen that you'll ever see. All of these traits and more can be easily seen in the wedding orchids that couples choose to grace their service.

Wedding Orchids Make a Big Wedding Statement

One of the main things that makes these beautiful and exotic flowers so popular in weddings of all sizes is the fact that not only can they be displayed in the bridal bouquet, but they are simply stunning when used to decorate the venue such as on church pews, in the wedding arch, on a corsage for the mothers, as a table centerpiece or when carried by bridesmaids too. For a stunning show of floral beauty and color, even when used in any kind of wedding from urban to country, these lovely and delicate wedding orchids make quite the memories.

These tropical beauties can be found in most places all year round but some species may have to be ordered in advance, so just keep that in mind if you're considering orchids as a part of your wedding ceremony. But these beauties don't come cheap. But on your special wedding day, the wonderful memories these tiny beauties add are worth any price to some. So, if you want to use these in your wedding ceremony, their graceful form, color and stature is one that won't soon be forgotten. 

But not all brides choose to have flowers with bright colors in them for their wedding. in fact, many brides prefer to use a basic and simple white cymbidium orchid. These are designed in such a way as to cascade downward in a waterfall arrangement. Other brides choose to have their bridal bouquet created with only a few pieces of foliage to give a contrasting color, while, at the same time some other brides will select a back ground of ferns or other leafy greens to supplement their orchid bouquet.

For some people, orchids symbolize status, healing, luxury, and absolute perfection - and, in my opinion, no single flower can carry off perfection and beauty quite like wedding orchids do. In fact, they are by far, one of the best visually stunning displays of floral beauty, I think. A blue orchid bouquet is a favorite for many. Truly, this beautiful and unique flower is a feast for anyone to behold. But because of it being so rare, these flowers would definitely have to be ordered well in advance of your service.

Their beauty, characteristic shape and timeless style isn't the only reason why wedding couples like to use wedding orchids all throughout their wedding decor. But it doesn't hurt LOL. To me, they are the height of bold sophistication but they are also filled with classic simplicity, a vibrance all their own and a tropical chic touch that many other blooms cannot replicate in any form or fashion.

Some of the most popular orchids used in bouquets that I found while doing research include the lovely white Sobrallia orchids. Absolutely breathtaking, these lovely blooms will only last for about 24-48 hours, so timing is of the absolute essence when using these. These beauties are native to Mexico and Central and South America and they do come in other color varieties just in case you want other colors too.

While some kinds of orchids are considered to be seasonal flowers - most are not. So, if you're planning to have a fall or winter wedding, for instance, then you should probably choose orchid species that will bloom in the fall or winter months. One suggestion of orchid in this case, is called Trigonidium Egertonianum. You can find this Central American flower species decorated with a pastel yellow bloom and a smudged maroon colored line on the petals. If you chose this flower  for your wedding, it would definitely lend an air of elegance to any decoration in which it was present. 

Vandaceous Orchids (such as a bloom referred to as the Classy Lady) are warm growing and sun loving orchids that come dressed in bright shades of colors - such as yellow, burgundy, spotted blue, and wine and are native to tropical Asia. There are about 80 varieties of these to choose from. They can also be found in Florida and are easily available for use in most wedding ceremonies.

No matter whatever kind of wedding orchids you decide to use on your special wedding day, one thing is for sure - you will be choosing a unique flower that adds a beautiful dignity to your special occasion. And, as an added bonus, many species of these also offer up a delightful fragrance. In fact, you can find some orchid varieties that give off such a lovely scent, that it almost seems as if it is their job is to add fragrance to the entire wedding all by themselves.

Flowers are one of those items that add such a special touch to any wedding. Wedding orchids in particular are one of those blooms that can bring added elegance to any occasion and do a fantastic job especially when they are paired in particular with events such as wedding ceremonies. So have fun flower shopping and see if these lovely exotics might be exactly what you are looking for to appear at your own wedding.

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