38 Popular Wedding Venues
- Indoor and Outdoor -

Whenever you hear the phrase wedding venues, what does it make you think of? What do you see in your imagination? If you’re like most women you’ve been thinking about your wedding since you were small child and probably have a very vivid idea of the exact place you want your wedding to occur at. But have you talked it over yet with your spouse-to-be, because you both need to make this basic decision and agree on the kind of site before you start shopping for locales?

So, for you, is your imagination filled with images of a large historic castle in the English countryside surrounded by miles and miles of trees? What about trekking about on the Australian outback? Or, in your minds eye, do you see the inside of your local church or perhaps a majestic cathedral filled with all your loved ones and friends? Perhaps it is in a drafty old barn with the chill of winter in the air all around you as you stand there amidst sparkling white lights.
How about on a beautiful beach like Cancun, the feel of sand between your toes and the sweet sounds of waves gently breaking on the coast off to the side as you say your I dos? Or, are you in the middle of a winter wonderland complete with several inches of snow, a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands and the smell of pines and other evergreen conifers in the air all about you? Or do you want to go White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon?
Or do you have other ideas for wedding venues altogether? If you’re a more adventurous type then maybe you want to have your wedding after you Experience Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Or maybe after finishing your next marathon that you’ve been training for for the past six months you want to have your wedding just past the finish line. Or if you are really into a certain sports team, such as a baseball team, perhaps you want to have your wedding there in the teams stadium down on the field surrounded by other sports fans.

Either way, no matter what your ideal wedding venue idea is, I’m sure the place you choose will be a wonderful one. If it makes the both of you happy and you can schedule the wedding ceremony there, then more power to you. So, first of all, let’s talk a little more about what kind of wedding venue you want for your own wedding to help you make a better decision. 

Indoors or outdoors - what do you both want? How about local to you or at a far off destination? These are just a few of the most basic questions you need to talk about and decide on as a couple. 

Once you decide on those things then you can go on to the next stage such as what kind of budget can you afford? Then you can get started on the meat of the process in selecting a wedding venue - the research, the visiting of the location and the potential booking once you make your final decision. This is a very personal choice the two of you are making. Remember, not all wedding venues fit all couples. That is exactly why there are so many to choose from. 

But this is also a very fun part of the wedding planning process if you let it be, because you get to visit so many lovely places and see so many beautiful things as you decide which one is right for the two of you. Don’t try to visit everything everywhere! This is just too stressful and way overwhelming. You can use the internet, email and the phone when the destination is just too far away to ask all your questions.

If I were you I would choose five to ten different kinds of venues to start and maybe try visiting a few of the closer ones in one weekend to save yourself some time. Plus, this whole process might also help you decide that certain kinds of wedding venues are just not what you want after all. And that in itself is very helpful. So mark those off your list and try something else. Who knows, maybe that one kind of venue that you both never ever thought about at all turns out to be the favorite for both of you!

So let’s take a few moments and learn a little more about some of the many types of wedding venues that are available to you now. In fact, we've collected a list of 37 different wedding venues to get the creative juices all flowing in your brain. And then from the choices below, hopefully you will be able to narrow down the ones you kind of like until you decide on the best possible wedding venue choices for you.  :~) And have fun researching!

38 Popular Wedding Venues

Popular Indoor Wedding Venues

  1. Church/Cathedral
  2. Vacation Rental
  3. Historic Estate
  4. Hotel /Resort
  5. Restaurant/Cafe
  6. Your Home
  7. Banquet Hall
  8. College/University
  9. Country Club
  10. Museum
  11. Aquarium
  12. Government Building
  13. Bed & Breakfast
  14. Urban Loft
  15. Art Gallery
  16. Craft Brewery/Distillery
  17. Zoo/Planetarium
  18. Castle
  19. Warehouse
  20. Community Center
  21. Library
  22. Las Vegas Chapels

Popular Outdoor Wedding Venues

  1. Beach/Waterfront
  2. Your Home
  3. Golf Course
  4. Barn/Farm
  5. Backyard
  6. Tent Wedding
  7. Top Destination Weddings
  8. Sports Arena/Gym
  9. Boat/Yacht
  10. Botanical Garden
  11. Ski Lodge / Skiing
  12. State/National Parks
  13. Treehouse
  14. Theme Park
  15. Your Neighborhood
  16. Vineyard/Winery
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